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21 Wake Up

omg... this song has the best tune ever! I especially like the part when it goes, WAKE UP, IM POUNDING ON THE DOOR...

how come this song isn't on the list? I mean, the other songs arent bad, but this definetely deserves a spot...

Love the guitar work in his song! I just can't seem to get it out of my head! Hands down my favorite song of theirs!

Just Perfect, it's got a nice intro, and solid riffs who really complement all the singing. Over and Over, Home and Wake up should be replacing The Good Life, Gone Forever and World so Cold on the top 10

This deserves to be in the top ten. I love this song far too much. - maarilynmaanson

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22 Scared

This is truly a real piece of art, and yet almost at the bottom rating?! There is more to this song than just the lyrics, message and over all instrumental. If you don't get that image and feeling of a haunted atmosphere while listening to this, there must really be something wrong! Wish 3DG could write more in this style. Rock on!

Great song possibly the best three days grace song ever

Can't see how this has such a low rating, it's a work of art!


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23 Life Starts Now

It has been, since I listened to it, the second song, in my past 20 years, which was able to cheer me up like no one else can. Adam's voice can reside in my empty body and play with my mood as much as it wants. Adam's voice can circulate in my heart's veins, making them better, so I can breath well. It's like a SECOND BLOOD for me.

Guys vote up this one is awesome try listening it deserves top 10

Helps me a lot through everything! It helped me when my father died less than 2 years ago, it's been my favorite songs since I first listened to it when I discovered this amazing band! I couldn't stop listening to it, and when I listen to it now, it brings tears almost every time, and it takes me in another world... It makes me believe there is better to come... It's such an amazing song :') (And I keep seeing 24 everywhere, and OF COURSE this song is 24th, of course. It'sso weird but funny haha! )

This song is pumpin

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24 Painkiller

This is the classical Three Days Grace comeback song. With their brand new lead vocalist Matt Walst. He has such a fresh voice. This song is amazing. Makes me want to hit the replay button over and over again. Three days grace forever.

Should make it in the top ten

Matt brings a new energy to the band that was needed when Adam left. He has a voice that can cover various sub genres of rock and the band sounds amazing both instrumentally and vocally.

I don't know why is in this spot, one of the better tracks of human

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25 Misery Loves My Company

Definitely deserves to be on the top ten, helps when your going through hard times. Thank you Adam and please come back

1 thing
2 say
3 days grace
4 the win

How. How is this at 31! This is much better than some of the ones ahead of it... I am officially confused.

I think this song should definitely be higher. It's their best song from Transit of Venus - Haqulea

Rank 29? This song is definitely Top 5 and my favourite song from the band!

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26 The Real You

Only at 32!? This song us amazing and should at least be in the top 5. This is my favorite song by them at the moment, and I just can't get enough of it. Great song, deserves to be higher!

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27 Let You Down

Should be much higher, very catchy song with good lyrics and solid guitar riffs

Oh great. Vote for the popular ones. Don't listen to real music, people. 34? This is definitely a joke.

No WAY can this be number 31! It's one of their best songs in my opinion. Seriously, people, if you haven't heard it yet, just listen to it. You'll see what I'm talking about.

To me this one is the best

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28 On My Own

Man, every song on one x should be at the very top! There's quite a few good ones on life starts now and I saw them in concert and they were great but every song on this album is not only incredible but straight CLASSIC. On my own, time of dying, never to late, let it die, over and over--there is nothing better.

Very surprised this wasn't top 3. The song is absolutely amazing and it get's stuck in your head :) Just listen to it and you'll see what I mean. The whole One-X album is just amazing.

One of the best song from TDG if not THE BEST. Love it from the first time I listened to it.

This song is legendary
the songs full of life,
i'm a huge fan of 3dg but this song is the most played in my playlist currently.
should've easily made it to the top ten

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29 It's All Over

Underrated song of 3DG. Should be up there with Animal I have become. Its almost as good. But its three days grace, how can one not think every song is the best. Every song is Great and meaningful.

Should definitly be closer to first.
One of the best in One-X - RZ_29

No words to describe the adrenaline rush on hearing the song. Great song. I wish I could vote for every song on the list! !
Three Days grace rock and they are going to come out with a fourth album.

This eats every other song up.
come on, the song is complex and takes time but
aghh... this is so great
definitely not a 27

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30 Someone Who Cares

! #20 seriously people, this song is amazingly superior on its story in it, this is my most loved songs by three days grace, it represents my life perfectly, it is so hard to find someone who cares about you, but it's so easy to find someone who looks down at you, favorite 2 lines from that song

The song has a poor beginning but the main piece of the song "It's so hard to find someone who cares about you. " This is so true. The music is beautiful and very meaningful.
It should be listened! SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10

Really? It's awesome! Isn't AS famous as the others but hey 3 days grace is AWESOME

This song should probably be in the top ten considering how amazing it is. - Haqulea

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31 Take Me Under

It's unique and I am addicted to it, it should have been in the top 10.
I don't know what makes it so special, but it's amazingly perfect. It just got stuck in my head, the first time I heard it. If I'd sit to describe it, I'd fail, it's beyond what words can describe. You better hear it yourself.

Different style but underrated, just short of my favorite and it deserves a better spot on the list

Amazing song, deserves to be in the top 10 at least! Learnt to play it on guitart recently, just an awesome song over all.

Addicting, heartfelt, and quite powerful.

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32 One-X

Noo. I can't even believe how low this song ranks on the list. This song was literally my first love. This song was really inspiring to me when bullying was an issue for me. The letter X itself has a whole new meaning to me thanks to this song and this amazing band.

Some one please tell my why this song isn't top? This was the first ever song I have heard from Three Days Grace and in my opinion it's the best. I am a One X

Wow I'm in shock. This song is far too low. This song has helped me through so much.

This should be an athem. It is a shame that is underrated. But we are the One-X, we can make it climb higher!

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33 Bitter Taste

Should be at least in top 1-5. Solo of the guitar is extremely soothing. Perfect song to hear when anyone has broken up his/her relation with his/her lover who was a wrong person to love!

Outstanding song man! Easily in top 5... I Don't know people why aren't you voting for it... This song is like... Wow!... The most deadlist and aggressive one too... Vote this song... I mean come on!

WHAT THE HELL this song should be in the top 10 this is my favorite three days grace song;It is one of the best. Yet it is Only ranked #31, come on

This was my take this job and shove it up your A HOLE song! So on point with the lack of integrity and patient care I was dealing with! Thank you 3DG for soundtracking my morning communte and given me the push to say F YOU!

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34 I Am Machine

Amazing song that can get you insanely pumped up! Great song with the new lead singer! Since it's a newer song though it's unfortunately not gonna make it to the top 10 like it should.

Awesome song. Why is it #39!?

What! This song kicks ass! Yes it might not have adam but he's done with 3 days grace now so they needed an new replacement any the new guy rocks, not as much as adam but still. Awesome melody, great guitar work, easily belongs on the top ten at least.

I definitely love this Song, I can't understand why isn't in the top 10.
The sound is magnetic, the

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35 Expectations

Amazing song, the last chorus is just perfect, so sad and hopeful though. The singer's voice is perfect too. The guitar riff is very powerful. Listen!

The best song I ever seen - J2J

It's a very good song sadly its one of their less popular songs - TheUltimateNavigator1

Should be in the top ten

36 Burn

This here, is the number one song of the band Three Days Grace. You-all are simply senseless if you do not place your very well regarded (and respectable) vote on this track.

Is this a joke? Why is burn not even in top 20? Wow people it's obviously not their best but in the 30s... really?

You're kidding me if this song is at the bottom three. I mean, this song is worthy of a place right up there with the top 5.

It starts off with a weird beat but it soon builds up and it all makes sense. The more you listen to the song, the more it grows on you. The lyrics are also great and are just good as their best songs.

This was the first song I head of 3DG'S and I have been a supporter of the band! Should be up there with animal I have become and I hate everything about you.

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37 Happiness

, one of the best Three days Grace songs, Kicks a$$. I don't know why it's so down. Might not belong in the first place but at least at the top ten. I swear that I get Happy each time I listen to this when I'm Frustrated.

This song is about someone drinking a lot and know they should stop but just can't and resort to it every time there's something wrong - Haqulea

This song is just perfect, I love everything about it, specially the bridge that makes me just sick! It also sounds like The Good Life and also has the same message, Happines and having a Good Life! 10/10

38 Car Crash

One of their most amazing songs. I wont bag out any of the higher rated songs though because all their songs are seriously amazing and relatable, probably why people love them so much. Personally I love this one a lot because I can actually relate to the lyrics and it hits me pretty hard in the feels

Can't stop listening. Why the good songs are at the bottom of the list?

Has to be the best song from the new album

Super awesome song, love it along with so what from 3DG's new album Human

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39 Unbreakable Heart

So emotional! Great outro for the album, it gives hope about life, it gives self confidence and of course it's on of the best songs of the new album.

This is just one amazing song that should be higher up on the list. Three Days Grace has so many awesome songs and this one should get more recognition. Five star rating. 2 Thumbs way up!

This is my most FAVORITE SONG EVER I totally love it not kidding!

Upbeat and textured, touching rather than lashing out, this could be their most mature song. It clearly displays the great guitars and song-along choruses that make 3DG so great!

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40 Born Like This

I love all of their songs, but when I saw Born Like This, which is, without a doubt, one of my favourite songs, not just by Three Days Grace, but overall, so low on this list, I had to vote for this one! I think it should at least be in the top 10.

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