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41 Unbreakable Heart

So emotional! Great outro for the album, it gives hope about life, it gives self confidence and of course it's on of the best songs of the new album.

This is just one amazing song that should be higher up on the list. Three Days Grace has so many awesome songs and this one should get more recognition. Five star rating. 2 Thumbs way up!

This is my most FAVORITE SONG EVER I totally love it not kidding!

Upbeat and textured, touching rather than lashing out, this could be their most mature song. It clearly displays the great guitars and song-along choruses that make 3DG so great!

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42 Fallen Angel

By far the best song of the new album along with Painkiller. The rest of the album wasn't bad at all, but Human Race was really disappointing after listen to the chorus teaser, it is too much repetitive. - tiagocowboy11

This is by far probably my favorite Three Days Grace song from human I have no idea how it is 44 it should be in the top 5 or ten in my opinion. I would put it in first honestly

Fallen Angle and Painkiller are by far the best songs. HOw the hell is this 44th!

Amazing song. New album is extremely underrated

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43 Tell Me Why

A masterpiece by this band no doubt! Much more matured lyrics than other Three days grace stuffs. This song is not a typical teenage complain song. Should placed within first 10. - Gupta

This song deserves much better place than it is right now... full of soul and heart! New "Human" album isn't that bad. Three Days Grace will always rock!

When I first heard this song I had to listen to it like thirty more times its amazing

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44 Goin' Down

This song is so awesome! When I fist heard it, it gave me goosebumps, it still does now. It has such a haunted feel to it, yet, it sounds retro. This amazing song has to at least be in the top 15!

This should be so much further up the list!

45 Drown

This is the best song by them! Honestly just compare it to the others you will fall in love with this here song and I love it because I can identify myself with this song.

This song is officially in my top ten! It's so strong and just AWESOMENESS!

Why the hell is it all the way down here?! I love this song!

One of their best songs; probably their most underrated song

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46 Now or Never

Seriously, this is like the BEST of all. Pure energy in the instruments, the voacls sound like the stuff of legend, it is a very sexy song.

Such an underrated song from them.

Great in all aspects.

My freiend is gonnsas

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47 Bully

I can't believe this is so far down, This song is so under rated. The vocals and the overall quality of the song is amazing. The lyrics have so much meaning.

This should be in the top 10, I can listen to it for hours on end without getting tired of it. Underrated

Such a nyc song, terribly underrated

I really like how this song attcks the bullying that goes on today this helps me get though the rough times in middle school

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48 Nothing's Fair In Love and War

I am a big Three Days Grace fan. Like, one of the biggest out there I have to say this song is the best they have EVER made. Matt's voice is so smooth and the lyrics are amazing if you pay attention to them. Never too late is amazing but this song passes it in my opinion. Not many songs give me chills like this. So much better than Animal I have become

49 Sign of the Times

One of the best intros I've ever heard to a song, can't believe its so low down!

This is a great song! Signs of times has a great opening!

Addictive album intro. MUST be a lot higher

50 Give in to Me

Three days grace have beaten all bands "by far" by making the perfect Michael Jackson cover that sounds just as good as the original.

Unbelievable vocals from Adam... And Barry sure experienced his talents in this song.

This song is a killer... No Alternative Rock or Metal or even Grunge songs could reach up to this level of AWESOMENESS!

Best cover ever!
This song runs adrenaline through your blood like hell... Very artistic and a nice combination of soft singing and Hard @$$ screaming!

If only MJ was alive to see this masterpiece. - ricolopez

By far the best three days grace song till now... This song broke all limits and turned a remarkable pop song into a Post-Grunge song with nice vocals.
"Give In To Me" & "Animal I Have Become" are the official best 2 songs for 3DG!

51 The Chain

Perfect song!
Nice vocals, nice rhythm and such a nice composition
Reminds us of those classic metal songs

The riffs are epic and go well with the song, the drumming is excellently played and the song goes fantastically like the songs we used to hear in the old-days

Excellent song and very underrated, it should have been released as a single with a musical video!

Underrated and little known, this song is perfect live!

52 Anonymous

This should be way higher on the list. The song is amazing

Come on all songs are good but this song is awesome

This song is so good. Why is so low?

Amazing song, should be in top 15

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53 Time that Remains

Much different song style. It was still wonderfully made and pulled off very well, considering that it is not their style and I've never seen them do anything similar.

54 Rooster

Adam's cover of Rooster by Alice In Chains.

55 Running Away

The reason it is not on here because it is more of a special on the album One X so it is kinda rare there's actually 7 specials not all on One X though - TheUltimateNavigator1

Come on it is an amazing song why it is here? It should be higher!

This song should be higher. This is a great song.

It should be su much higher

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56 Are You Ready

Possibly the most famous three days grace song among the film industry.
This song was heard in 2 very good movies:
- The Curse (Horror)
- Raise Your Voice (Musical) "three days grace where featured singing it personally"

This song is very catchy and enthusiastic, very neat and wild.

Unfortunately this song was released as a bonus track when it was supposed to lead their Self-Titled album.

57 Operate

Damn, this song actually makes me really horny. Guilty

Love it that's all it a really good song

Its just bae like zayum

50!? Woah what an injustice to this song. I realize this won't get my comment posted but I feel this website is really bad for rating Three Days Grace's songs. So many of their good songs are rated low. This song just seems to have the greatest injustice... either you have spam bots voting randomly or I have lost all hope for humanity...

58 Landmine

This song just keeps you going when you're doing somethin hard because it constantly reminds you that you will eventually get it (explode)

"All because of you I bel..." Wrong song, wrong band sorry! Still the fact that this song sounds just like one of my Favorite Rise Againt songs makes it one of my favorite 3DG songs.

I'm living like a land mine... Waiting to explode...
I am ticking like a time bomb ready to go..
My favourite song from human album... @zilkad

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59 Behind the Pain

The best song by Three Days Grace. Strong lyrics, with great meaning.

This isn't even a 3DG song... It's a documentary about Adam's drug addiction... It was a good documentary, but it doesn't count as a song.

60 Eddie

A song from the band that was gonna be Three Days Grace but instead Adam changed it a bit which I do not mind I have not really heard much from Groundswell anyways - TheUltimateNavigator1

You're kidding that's not a three days grace song that's a rocky horror song

Should be at least in the top 50


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