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61 Human Race

No high in the ranks because of when it was released. Nevertheless, an amazing song.

This song should at least be in their top five it's amazing I mean come

Powerful, another amazing song by Three Days Grace

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62 Landmine

This song just keeps you going when you're doing somethin hard because it constantly reminds you that you will eventually get it (explode)

"All because of you I bel..." Wrong song, wrong band sorry! Still the fact that this song sounds just like one of my Favorite Rise Againt songs makes it one of my favorite 3DG songs.

I'm living like a land mine... Waiting to explode...
I am ticking like a time bomb ready to go..
My favourite song from human album... @zilkad

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63 Behind the Pain

The best song by Three Days Grace. Strong lyrics, with great meaning.

This isn't even a 3DG song... It's a documentary about Adam's drug addiction... It was a good documentary, but it doesn't count as a song.

64 Eddie

You're kidding that's not a three days grace song that's a rocky horror song

Should be at least in the top 50

Speaking of three days grace and rocky horror, I once saw neil sanderson wearing a rocky horror t-shirt while in an interview along with the band.


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65 On This Flight
66 Wave of Popular Feeling V 1 Comment
67 Stare

I like the soft sound of this track. Perfect for late night listening.

Three Days Grace is a big one. And they go where everyone stares!

68 S.O.B.
69 Poison Ivy

Kidding me? This is not a 3 days grace song that's just a name of a batman villain

70 Break Stuff

I honestly think this is the worst song they've covered.

Limp biscuit or however its spelled sucks horribly.

71 The End Is Not the Answer V 1 Comment
72 My Own Life
73 Weatherman
74 Snatch
75 In the Sand
76 Greedy Room
77 Chronic
78 Lose Yourself V 2 Comments
79 The Beautiful People

Nice Marilyn Manson cover.

80 So What

This song is nice... So energetic... #zil

I like this song Adam iss better but this song is pretty amazing

Why can I relate to this song so much? Is that bad guys?! but this is my favourite track from Human, love 3DG so much

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