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61 Eddie

You're kidding that's not a three days grace song that's a rocky horror song

Speaking of three days grace and rocky horror, I once saw neil sanderson wearing a rocky horror t-shirt while in an interview along with the band.

This is a tdg song when they were under the band name groundswell in the early 90's as teen. Should be top ten. Love it!

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62 On This Flight
63 Wave of Popular Feeling V 1 Comment
64 Stare

I like the soft sound of this track. Perfect for late night listening.

Three Days Grace is a big one. And they go where everyone stares!

65 S.O.B.
66 Poison Ivy

Kidding me? This is not a 3 days grace song that's just a name of a batman villain

67 Break Stuff

I honestly think this is the worst song they've covered.

Limp biscuit or however its spelled sucks horribly.

68 The End Is Not the Answer The End Is Not the Answer V 1 Comment
69 My Own Life
70 Weatherman
71 Snatch
72 In the Sand
73 Greedy Room
74 Chronic
75 Lose Yourself V 2 Comments
76 The Beautiful People

Nice Marilyn Manson cover.

77 So What So What

This song is nice... So energetic... #zil

I like this song Adam iss better but this song is pretty amazing

Why can I relate to this song so much? Is that bad guys?! but this is my favourite track from Human, love 3DG so much

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78 One Too Many One Too Many
79 Every Other Weekend V 1 Comment
80 Hey Man Nice Shot

This is their Filter cover right here.

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