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The Three Stooges are the greatest comedy team of all time but it is really, really hard to pick out their best.

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1 Disorder In The Court

This is their most famous episode including their most famous "Take of your hat" scene. -

Brilliant. Raise your right hand.. Take off your hat..

I am 40 and I can still remember every word and still laugh out loud

Curley "vernacular?... That's a derby! "
Balliff to curley "Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth!... Curley" No, but I know all the woids"
Larry, while playing jacks on floor while crown stands around watching outside the court room "He was for onesies I was for twosies ".. Moe, Oh yeah, well heres fivesies " and punches them both in there eye.

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2 A Plumbing We Will Go

This is also Curly's personal favorite -

I think this was the funniest episode because most laughs and the famous scene "This house has sure gone crazy".

This is by far the funiest episode of the Three Stooges! No matter how many times I see this, I crack up histerically. Moe's line - 'Well we had to forget something or we wouldn't be plumbers! And Larry trying to shut off the water by digging a huge hole out on the lawn... "I;ll find this or else". The classic of all is curly in the bathtub surrounding himself with pipes! This episode will live on forever!


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3 Brideless Groom

Love Shemp trying to teach a horrible singer and the scene where Moe and Shemp get tangled up in the phone booth.

"'Moe where's your hat." and "Get your hand out of my face. That's not my hand that's your hand. Alright you asked for it." Shemp then bites his own hand.

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4 Loco Boy Makes Good
5 No Census, No Feeling

This one is really lesser known, but it is really funny besides having a LOT of great stunts in it. -

The back and forth with Moe and Larry that results in Moe shrieking and beating on the random man gets me every time!

Moe: "Good evening sir, I'm the census taker. Are you married or happy? "

"How many in the family? "
"I was one of a litter of three."
"Don't tell me you were the one they kept! "
"Nah, I'm the one they threw away."

Gets me literally every time haha

6 They Stooge to Conga

The most violent episode with curly howard! I like this episode as well! I made a YouTube video with a scene!

7 Yes, We Have No Bonanza

I think I wet myself laughing to this episode.

8 Ants in the Pantry

Top Shelf Stoogery, the boys bring the pests, then destroy the place
Exterminating them. Almost as good as the Plumbers!

9 Hoi Polloi (1935)

The dance class segment 6 minutes in is truly hysterical.

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10 Violent is the Word for Curly

Moe, Larry,... CHEESE!
It took a variety of cheeses to calm Curly after he was sparked off
By seeing a mouse. The boys put this to use as pro wrestlers!

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11 Dizzy Pilots

Moe getting covered in a rubber suit is just classic...

Moe pulling Curly from the plane: "Hey, you nitwit. Don't saw the wings. You saw the garage. "
Curly: "I SEE the garage but I don't SAW the garage. You are speaking incorrectly. You are mortering the King's engrisshh. Et Cetra. See? Saw? See? Saw? "

12 Grips, Grunts and Groans

Give me a drink!

Great episode one of the funniest ever also Uncivil Warriors and Hoi Polloi

13 Goof on the Roof

Truly classic goofiness that made the stooges so great. Definitely my favorite.

Last scene is one of the funniest ever

Very funny. One of the best later Era Shemp shorts.

14 Boobs in Arms

All time favourite episode, especially the greeting card gag early in the film.

15 Cash and Carry

When the motor is falling from the sky after attempting to crank it over, Moe says to Curley who fails to catch it.."If you had an ounce of initiative you would have caught it! "...
And. When there in the house looking for the wall (walla walla on the map! ) were captain kids kid hid his treasure, Curley yells "fore" and the sledge hammer he swings go through the wall and hits mo on the other side" perfect timing. this one has it all snappy lines and psychical mahem.

16 Booby Dupes
17 Higher Than A Kite

Their is actually nothing that makes me realize the mindless WORSHIP that Hitler recieved from the Nazis. And it is a comedy! -

18 Slippery Silks
19 An Ache In Every Stake

Best episode ever! I took my kids to the actual stairs from this episode and we recreated the whole scene. It was classic!

20 Oil's Well That Ends Well
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