Top Ten Three Stooges Episodes

The Three Stooges are the greatest comedy team of all time but it is really, really hard to pick out their best.

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21 Sing a Song of Six Pants

If you don, t think punching each other is not funny, then why did you watch tis episode, and why are you on here? Of course there stupid, that whats the word stooge means. Do you suffer under the idea what is on film is real? That's why it's funny, theny never get bruised, and what don't you understand about pressing a guys pants? The stooges did it while he was still in them, that's why there stooges, and that's why it's funny. pure escape, and no one dies, and woman and children are never hurt.

I think that hitting and punching each other is NOT funny! It these things happen in real life, there would be lawsuits and more violence. We have enough. Take off the stooges. They are terrible. And this episode is STUPID. Pressing a guy's pants is ignorant and dumb! Who wrote this crap?

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22 Three Smart Saps

This is the greatest Three Stooges short if for nothing else than this immortal exchange:

Tall Female Dancer: Do you rumba?
Curly: Only when I drink a bicarbonate.. Nyuk nyuk nyuk

23 Movie Maniacs
24 For Crimin' Out Loud
25 You Nazty Spy!

This one comes before "I'll Never Heil Again" and has the first American portrayal of Hitler ever done by Moe. -

26 Crash Goes The Hash
27 Idiot's Deluxe

Hold that Lion with Shemp was my all time favorite. The look on the black guy shining shoes when he dips the lions tail in shoe polish is Priceless!

Moe is great in this. Also one of Curleys last great ones before he started to get sick.

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28 We Want Our Mummy

A CLASSIC! Plus, some of the gags in this clearly inspired certain scenes in Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy

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29 I'll Never Heil Again

This one made Moe's great portrayal of Hitler famous. -

30 No Dough Boys
31 Beer Barrel Polecats
32 Malice in the Palace
33 Pardon My Backfire
34 Outer Space Jitters
35 Three Little Beers

I have the box set and this is the funniest one I've seen

36 Punch Drunks
37 Nutty but Nice
38 Spook Louder
39 Three Little Pirates

Curley as Maharaja is priceless. "Maha" "Aha" This was Curley's last film excluding a cameo in one future film.

40 Men in Black
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