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41 Spook Louder
42 The Hot Scots
43 Who Done It?
44 Pardon My Scotch

A crack up as the boys make "volcanic" homemade scotch which ends up being a real "blast".

My personal favorite where you laugh for 4 mins non stop when they TRy to install a door! Laugh out loud x's 1,000,000

45 Dizzy Doctors
46 Cactus Makes Perfect
47 Pop Goes the Easel

Another perfect balance between a great, simple plot with funny banter and slap stick which then leads to an amazing clay fight.

48 Dutiful But Dumb

Curly and the oyster! Classic

49 A Ducking They Did Go

The first episode I ever saw - Ajkloth

50 Half Shot Shooters
51 Uncivil War Birds
52 I Can Hardly Wait V 1 Comment
53 Calling All Curs
54 False Alarms
55 Half Wits Holiday
56 If a Body Meets a Body

I laugh every time at the scene where Moe and Larry can never find the parrot in the skull off the fake skeleton!

Parrot (walking in the skull of the fake skeleton): Heelloo!

Moe (to Curly): That's a find time to be helloing!

Curly: I didn't say nothing!

57 Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
58 Rockin' thru the Rockies

This episode is ranked way too low. This is Curly in his prime (high energy, witty, the ablibs). I know other fans that really like this one.

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59 The Three Troubledoers
60 A Gem of a Jam
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