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61 If a Body Meets a Body

I laugh every time at the scene where Moe and Larry can never find the parrot in the skull off the fake skeleton!

Parrot (walking in the skull of the fake skeleton): Heelloo!

Moe (to Curly): That's a find time to be helloing!

Curly: I didn't say nothing!

62 Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
63 Rockin' thru the Rockies

This episode is ranked way too low. This is Curly in his prime (high energy, witty, the ablibs). I know other fans that really like this one.

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64 The Three Troubledoers
65 A Gem of a Jam
66 The Tooth Will Out
67 Cuckoo on a Choo Choo
68 What's the Matador? V 1 Comment
69 Whoops I'm an Indian

The impending marriage of squaw Curley and French trapper Bud Jamison, and, with that, Larry's remark "Look, leave us alone buddy and you can have her! "

70 Gents Without Cents
71 Playing the Ponies

This was a really funny overlooked one and Larry was sort of the star in this one. Always thought Larry was actually the best actor of the group.

72 Sock-a-Bye Baby
73 Termites of 1938
74 Horses' Collars
75 Three Pests in a Mess

One of the best spook out comedy out. Has all of what is best in the Stooges AND it creepy fun.

76 Three Little Pigskins
77 From Nurse to Worse
78 Mutts to You
79 Goofs and Saddles
80 Back from the Front

Curly: What a Day!

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