Best Threshold Songs

Threshold are a veteran and IMO incredibly underrated progressive rock/metal band, who have released a consistently high quality of music over the last 25 years.

The Top Ten

1 Echoes of Life

A truly beautiful prog song, from the piano hook in the intro, to the soulful guitar solo towards the end. - petrucci75hammet

2 The Man Who Saw Through Time

From their most recent album (at the time of writing), this is another epic track with the highlight being the transition from the calm intro, to the more upbeat 80's inspired middle section. - petrucci75hammet

3 The Hours

One of the band's 'funkiest' tracks, with awesome guitar riffing along some pretty original vocal melodies! - petrucci75hammet

4 Stop Dead

Possibly Threshold's most interesting song rhythmically, this has a somewhat mellowed-down chorus, which later transitions into one of their best guitar solos. - petrucci75hammet

5 Narcissus

The epic closing track of one of their strongest albums of their career, this is brilliantly executed on a songwriting, production and lyrical level. - petrucci75hammet

6 Safe to Fly

An exemplary prog-metal ballad, this features some pretty original songwriting resulting in some spectacular vocal hooks. - petrucci75hammet

7 Long Way Home

A glorious track, from the build-up in the intro to one of the more catchy choruses they've ever done! - petrucci75hammet

8 Ground Control

One of the band's grooviest songs, with some fantastic guitar riffing. - petrucci75hammet

9 Siren Sky

From their darker-sounding 2014 album, this is a relatively slower song of theirs, which nevertheless has some groovy guitar hooks along with atmospheric synths, all used to great effect. - petrucci75hammet

10 Pilot in the Sky of Dreams

Starts off with a piano intro which sounds influenced by old-school 70's prog, before transitioning into a much more modern-sounding and heavier upbeat section. - petrucci75hammet

The Contenders

11 Lost in Translation
12 The Shire (Part 2)
13 Mission Profile
14 The Ravages of Time
15 Hollow
16 Pressure
17 Turn on Tune In
18 Critical Mass (Part 1 - 3)
19 The Box
20 This is Your Life
21 Slipstream
22 Disappear
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