Top 10 Most Thrilling Rides & Attractions at Disneyland

This is a list of the most thrilling rides at Disneyland, the original park built by Walt Disney.
Thrill scale is ranked below each detail.

The Top Ten

1 Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout

I know the new ride sucks, but it still has a drop and launch sequence, which keeps it thrilling and intense.
Though it only has a minimum height requirement of 40", a huge understatement.
7/10 - Gregory

2 California Screamin'

It's a coaster where you launch up to 55 mph in 4 seconds, and is the fastest ride in Disneyland and the only one with inversions, 1 loop, and while it might look like an old wooden coaster of the Victorian era, it's a steel coaster that's surprisingly smooth and provides real thrills.
Yet the minimum height requirement for this is 48", so little kids will not be tall enough to ride anyway.
6/10 - Gregory

3 Space Mountain Space Mountain

It's an indoor roller coaster in the dark, and you might go up to 35 mph, but it's a space themed coaster, and space means darkness included, so with that it seems faster and more thrilling, and it's great for many coaster lovers.
Unlike Disney World's version, this one is MUCH smoother, thanks to the new track refurbishment, and has a height requirement of 40", so many little kids will be tall enough to ride this one.
5/10 - Gregory

4 Splash Mountain Splash Mountain

It's a classic log flume dark ride, and a fun adventure for many, though not the best ride, but it has several drops, including a 50' drop that may get you wet.
5/10 - Gregory

5 Goofy's Sky School

It's a wild mouse roller coaster, so involves sharp turns, and I mean Sharp, so they'll jerk you around, so those with even the slightest back or neck problems should sit this one out.
A minimum height requirement of 42" is in place, so only a fair amount of little ones can ride.
The theme of the ride is about Goofy's acrobatic flight stunts, think Barnstormer at Disney World, but more like Primeval Whirl, but unlike that, the cars don't spin, so it's no whirl, but it's still a thrill for many.
4.5/10 - Gregory

6 Indiana Jones Adventure

The ride is pretty fast and really rough, along with scary images and the famous boulder scene towards the end.
Though the height requirement is 46", so hardly, if any, little ones will ride.
4.5/10 - Gregory

7 Matterhorn Bobsleds

It's the 1st steel roller coaster ever built, and became so successful that thrill rides became a fairly common thing for Disney, and the theme of this involves a yeti, and you slide through the tracks out of the Matterhorn.
Thought the ride is quite jerky, so it's not for those with back problems, and has a minimum height requirement of 42", so only a fair amount of little ones will ride.
4.5/10 - Gregory

8 Grizzly River Run

It's a river rapids ride, and it's an intense one.
Also, unlike Kali River Rapids at Disney World's Animal Kingdom, it's much longer and there are 3 drops, with 2 that are 21 feet, and the rafts are engineered to spin, so it's not for those prone to motion sickness, and you will get wet and you may get soaked.
FYI the minimum height requirement for this is 42", so only a moderate amount of little ones can ride, not to say the same for Kali River Rapids, as that has a minimum height requirement of 38", so many little ones can definitely ride that.
4.5/10 - Gregory

9 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It's a mine train coaster and one of the medium grade coasters many families love to go on.
The theme fits the ride, and speaking of theme, they added special effects near the end involving dynamite, making this version scarier.
4.5/10 - Gregory

10 Radiator Springs Racers

It's the flagship ride in Cars Land, and you explore Radiator Springs and start racing with your cars at the end.
It's like Test Track in Epcot, although you only go 40 mph rather than 64.9, there's more drops in this ride, providing more airtime, adding to the thrills.
4.5/10 - Gregory

The Contenders

11 Pirates of the Caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean

Not to spoil any of you, but it there are 2 big drops, the 1st one is the biggest and the dark, so that might frighten you, and to top that off, it's 52', bigger than Splash Mountain's big drop, though not as steep.
3.5/10 - Gregory

12 Gadget's Go Coaster

It's a kiddie coaster, and the perfect introductory at Disneyland for little kids starting out on roller coasters.
3/10 - Gregory

13 Astro Orbiter

It's a spinning ride like Dumbo, you sit on these rockets, but you spin much higher and faster.
There's no height requirement, but you can control the height and speed if you want comfort.
Some kids might want to try Dumbo first, and if they like that, then they might wanna try this.
3/10 - Gregory

14 Soarin' Soarin'

It's a simulator that simulates flight, and being so awesome, it's no wonder it was a success.
It also has fans and sprays to add to the realism, with the sensations of wind and nature.
The initial rise can be surprising, and those afraid of heights and/or are prone to motion sickness should not ride, and a minimum height requirement of 40" is in effect.
However, it is a very mild ride.
2.5/10 - Gregory

15 Mad Tea Party

Known famously to people as the teacups, this ride you spin on teacups, and you spin right round like a record teacup.
And your teacups are on spinning tables, and with all spinning, those who are prone to motion sickness or have heath problems should not ride.
Although you can control the spinning.
Yet this is outside rather than inside (like Disney World's), so there are frequent stops from certain weather.
2/10 - Gregory

16 Dumbo the Flying Elephant

A classic for little ones, very perfect for little ones who love Disney characters and haven't tried out the bigger rides yet.
1.5/10 - Gregory

17 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Your vehicle rocks during the rain flooding part, and bounces a bit during the tigger segment.
There is a nightmare scene with the Heffalumps and Woozles that might scare some kids.
1/10 - Gregory

18 Peter Pan's Flight

As the name says, there is not only the representation of flying, but also the sensation of flying, and it's in the dark at the same time.
1/10 - Gregory

19 Silly Symphony Swings

It's a wave swinger, and you sit on the swings, and as it spins, the force tosses you to the side, and you may get dizzy.
The story is about a tornado tossing up the riders and stuff.
And to top that off, the William Tell Overture Finale plays as you spin and swing.
5/10 - Gregory

20 Mickey's Fun Wheel

One of the icons at Disney's California Adventure, this ride has 2 levels, on one, you can ride the standard ferris wheel way, or you can try the crazy level, where the gondolas swing and take tops turvy paths as the wheel goes around, providing the thrills.
4.5/10 - Gregory

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