Best Throne of Glass Characters

Throne of Glass is a young adult high fantasy series by Sarah J Maas, telling the story of the assassin Celaena Sardothien under the rule of a tyrannical king as she forms new relationshios and uncover a conspiracy amidst her adventures. As of 2015, the series consists of four novels, excluding the prequel book Assassin's Blade which consists of novellas about Celaena's life prior to the events of Throne of Glass. A fifh book is set to be published in September 2016.

The Top Ten Best Throne of Glass Characters

1 Manon Blackbeak

I loved Manon because sne was able to change and see that her grandmother was wrong

Manon Blackbeak is ruthless; she kills men so she can drink their blood, and probably disembowels them just for the fun of it.

She's also a very interesting character, not just because she's a badass witch with iron teeth and claws and a wyvern for a pet, but also because in a way, her development is the subtlest, but the most recognizable.

While Celaena's development mostly consisted of her learning to accept herself, Manon is fully aware of her abilities and embraces them, but for the wrong reasons. When we first met her, she's a flintily ambitious witch who blindly follows her grandmother.

Her relationship with her wyvern, Abraxos, Elide and Asterin changed that: she went from a witch incapable of remorse to someone who sees the wrong in her grandmother's ways, feels regret, and is not afraid to fight for those who cannot stand for themselves.

And, despite her trying to believe in the contrary, she does have a heart, and it's a pretty good one. - greekingout

I fell in love with manon after Heir of Fire. Her character development (while sometimes inconsistent at some parts), was amazing. She goes from a ruthless killer (who constantly has to remind herself that she has no feelings), to someone who goes against everything she was taught (by her grandmother), and sacrifices herself for her friends. She risked everything to save Elide, Asterin, the Thirteen, and Dorian, which made me fall in love even more. And come on - she is a powerful immortal with iron claws, teeth, a badass sword, and a puppy wyvern.

Very cool indeed. My most favorite character so far.

2 Nehemia Ytger

Nehemia is Amazing, she gave up her life to motivate Celeana/Aelin

Oh, Nehemia. She's lovely and intelligent and brave, fully accepting Celaena for who she was, all the while being stuck in a kingdom full of rich snobs and ruled by the king who enslaved and executed thousands of her people. She would have been a perfect game player in the later books with her great political mind and knowledge of Wyrdmarks, but since the white main character needs something to push her, why not murder the badass black woman? Alright, it probably sounds salty, but admit it. It's true. Nehemia's death might have been orchestrated, and it probably makes sense to a lot, but she definitely deserves better than being another plot device. - greekingout

She deserved so much better. Imagine: the main trio of the series consists of Nehemia, Manon, and Chaol. Wouldn't that be awesome?

I love her

3 Celaena Sardothien / Aelin Galathynius

My favourite female character ever written. So ruthless, so selfless, so willing to sacrifice it all. To all those calling her cocky, spoiled, stick it through to number 7. If you still think so, you're just not ready for a badass woman.

Celaena Sardothien is the type of character that you just can't help but root for; she's badass, sarcastic, feminine, and, beneath the snark and bravado, is full of conflicting emotions not just about love interests, but also about morality and her own destiny.

Though she have lost a lot of peoole important to her, she follows her own path despite the hardships it would cost her, and not just because it is the easiest way.

Celaena is also a compassionate woman, despite her terrible past and upbringing, and loves books, dancing, and music. Her character development throughout the books painted her from an arrogant assassin to a broken girl, and finally to a passionate warrior queen who fully embraces herself. - greekingout

I love her sarcasm and the way she plans everything so thoroughly and meticulously. I love how unpredictable her plans are and they always keep me engaged. Aelin grows throughout the Throne of Glass series -- at first we see her as a somewhat nonchalant assassin serving her self interest which is to earn back her freedom, but over the course of the books she develops into a brave and selfless young woman who will go to great lengths to protect the people she loves and cares about. Aelin is one of my favourite book characters of all time. Love her!

Such a Badass, really complex and I can't help feeling that all her life was thrown against her and she was constantly shattered she just got back up and still put other people before her. Her love of dogs really gets me, because, for the most lethal Assassin and dangerous Queen, the fact that she feels something so mortal as to love dogs really stirs me. Her love of books I can also relate to very well. Overall She is one of the best characters in this book.

4 Chaol Westfall

He's the most complex, sensible and grounded character in the book. I love this guy!

Chaol is one of the few characters who don't grovel at Aelin's feet. I'll always respect him for that.

I love Chaol far more than I’d like to admit. I need to thank my cousin for introducing me to the series and thus, him. Her hamster is named Chaol. But still, if anyone calls him Kale, that nickname will forever be taken by Gale Hawthorn from Hunger Games. He is also cute.

He doesn't deserve the hate.

5 Dorian Havilliard

He's black haired, blue eyed, and a charming prince. Oh, said many, just another bland but sexy love interest.


Though not the most complex character in the story, he's more than another handsome prince. He has his own problems, and he could easily have been just another part of a love triangle, Maas thankfully avoided that by giving him a great storyline and making him a flawed, but deeply lovable character. His love for books is an endearing trait, but what really makes him a special character is that while Celaena took some time to fully embrace responsibilites as a ruler of a kingdom, Dorian was aware of it for a long time and didn't find the need to think that having a difficult and important job would put him higher than everyone else. He's spent a lot of time living in his father's shadow, and though he's been questioning his father's motives for a long time, it took him quite a while to finally do something about it.

Dorian is a kind and ...more - greekingout


6 Nesryn Faliq

I swear this series would never have a shortage of badass women. I wish she was given more depth than just being Chaol's new love interes,t though she's certainly still a good character despite that. Still. If she ends up dead as well to further someone's development (which seems to be a trend for POC characters), I'll eat my dog's tail. - greekingout

7 Fleetfoot

I always got a smile on my face whenever Fleetfoot was in a part or mentioned. - 906389

Best good boy

Tastes nice

I is so cute

8 Abraxos

I love Abraxos, he cares about Manon so much

He's a fearsome wyvern capable of soaring through the fiercest winds, has a roar that can shake a mountain, and teeth and claws that coukd tear through tendon and flesh... and he's obsessed with wildflowers. Honestly. What a lovable worm. - greekingout

9 Aedion Ashryver

Fiercely loyal to Aelin, and an unofficial pain in the ass because of his Fae-male territorial bull, Aedion is a reliable man; an excellent warrior, a strong ally, and a flirt. Honestly, he'll probably flirt with a nightstand wearing a nightgown. Still, he's a well-written character, and his love for his cousin is heartwarming. - greekingout

He's been through a lot but he still never gave up and trusted Aelin to be alive. He's so loyal and funny. He is my favorite character.

10 Rowan Whitethorn

I love how protective he is of Aelin and how he doesn't get jealous because of Celeana/Aelin's past relationships

I love Rowan he is my favourite character in the entire book series!

Wow...he is low. I thought he was a fan favourite?

He is a complete boss!

The Contenders

11 Asterin Blackbeak

I love her, she was always there for Manon, till her very last breath when she sacraficed herself with the rest of the Thirteen (I cried). Asterin's last words to Manon were "Live, Manon"

She is amazing, and had a horrid past. She deserves more love.. Plus, she shows the most admiration.

She's probably the most human of all the witches, and her love and loyalty for Manon is admirable. - greekingout

12 Nox Owen

After EoS everyone was screwed except Nox so I adopt this pure cinnamon bun. - Cwawissa

Team fort Nox

Good boy

Big boy

13 Ansel of Briarcliff

I can't help but admire Ansel, all she wanted was her land. She had her family killed just like celeana, and she became an assassin, just like celeana. Then she tried to kill her master, just like celeana. I really think they make a great team and a formidable opponent. Ansel should play a bigger part in the series. She is fearless and fun loving.

14 Lysandra

What a badass: she's a shapeshifter in a country where magic is gone and any trace of it (however dormant) will get your head chopped off, she is constantly around the person who murdered his love and best friend, and yet. She's loving, she's fiercely loyal to her friends, and she has a thing for wicked animals. In fact, she's a pretty wicked girl. Don't be fooled by the pretty face and the frilly dresses; she's just as likely to mauk anyone's face off as Aelin. - greekingout

Love her to death

I just love her. that's it

15 Sam Cortland

Sam is no doubt one of the best characters in the series. He's one of those characters that you just can't help but love. He had such a big heart and truly deserved better. Life treated him terribly yet he still was an incredible person. He is truly underappreciated.

He is really cool

He is honestly my favorite ship with celeana/Aelin


16 Ren Allsbrook
17 Lorcan Salvaterre
18 Elide Lochan

Nice girl lol

19 Arobynn Hamel

He's such a bastard, honestly, but he's also such a complex and well-written character that it's easier to be intrigued than hate him. - greekingout

20 Sorrel Blackbeak

Sorrel (and the rest of the Thirteen) are SO underrated and all I want is to learn more about them in the next books (or possible novellas)

21 Fenrys

Can we not deny his epic fae sarcasm PLEASE

He is so funny. RIP Connal

22 Evangeline

Evangeline is filled with hope and light and she spreads that light to everyone she meets

Brave, kind, loving. She represents the goodness of Lysandra, and as something I believe is seriously underrated in the series, I cannot help but love her.

23 Phillipia
24 Yrene Towers

She is awesome


25 Mort
26 Kaltain

Even if she was annoying at first, she is underrated and was a really good character later on.

27 Gavriel
28 Elena Galathynius Havilliard

She is kind and cares for celeana. While she made a mistake, she did what she thought was right, and is sorry.

29 Ghislaine Blackbeak
30 Mauve

I was a bit confused about her death. Maas strikes me as the kind of author who makes you relish a character death, either because it is so devastatingly sad, or because so well deserved. Is it strange that Mauve's love and loyalty to Erilea almost made me hope she wouldn't die? She loved it the only way she knew how, and while that was corrupt and awful, she almost had no other alternative. It just wasn't the kind of satisfying and morally unquestionable death of Erawan. I don't know if she deserved her end.

31 Rolfe / The Pirate Lord

Funny, quick witted, a hilarious rival for Celeana Sardothien in book 1 (Assassins Blade) and book 4 (Queen Of Shadows). He is one of my favorite characters in the series.

32 Sartaq
33 Vesta Blackbeak
34 Vaughan
35 Erawan

Just love him as a valg king. He is devingshingly amazing!

36 Lord Westfall
37 Hollin Havilliard
38 Archer Finn
39 Rourke Farran
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