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Thy Art Is Murder are an Australian deathcore band with 2 EPs and 2 Full lengths so far: This Hole Isn't Deep Enough for the Twelve of You, Infinite Death, The Adversary and Hate. These are the songs that are the most outstanding from these releases.

The Top Ten

1 Reign of Darkness

A typical deathcore sound mixed in with the band's insane technical skill. Such a great song. - MetalFoREVer1228

2 The Purest Strain of Hate
3 Dead Sun
4 Holy War
5 Soldiers of Immortality

About as technical and brutal as it can ever get. - MetalFoREVer1228

6 Laceration Penetration
7 Whore to a Chainsaw

The breakdown is perfection, the intro is beautiful, not to mention the sheer technicality and brutality. Thy Art's finest. - Ethansics

8 Light Bearer
9 Infinite Forms
10 Shadow of Eternal Sin

The Newcomers

? The Adversary

The Contenders

11 Fur and Claw
12 Like a Face to a Blender

A lot more melodic than their future releases. - MetalFoREVer1228

13 Immolation
14 Puppet Master

The only reason this isn't top 5 is because it's still so new

15 Absolute Genocide
16 Engineering the Antichrist
17 Requiem
18 Naked and Cold
19 Infinite Death

And Another killer by TAIM... The Drummer Is a Beast Man

20 Emptiness
21 I'll Show You God
22 Vile Creations
23 Slaves Beyond Death

Best deathcore song of all time along with Dear Desolation - Nintendonix

24 Fire in the Sky
25 Doomed from Birth
26 Cowards Throne
27 Furnace of Hate
28 Parasitic Autopsy
29 Decrepit Purification
30 Gates of Misery
31 Flesh Oracle
32 The False Prophet
33 Defective Breed
34 Breeding Bacteria
35 Unholy Sermons
36 Coffin Dragger
37 Dear Desolation
38 The Final Curtain
39 The Skin of the Serpent
40 The Son of Misery
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1. Reign of Darkness
2. Holy War
3. Light Bearer
1. Fur and Claw
2. The Purest Strain of Hate
3. Dead Sun
1. Reign of Darkness
2. Soldiers of Immortality
3. Laceration Penetration

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