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1 Wildhoney

This album inspired the generations to come. - Poetbabu


2 Sumerian Cry

Raw but beautiful. - Poetbabu

3 Amanethes

The most underrated Tiamat album of all time, probably because Nuclear Blast didn't give it any music video or a good marketing.

The most complete album since Wildhoney. - Poetbabu

4 The Scarred People

All Tiamat's albums are masterpieces, but this very masterpiece appeals to me in the most particular way! Would like to hear it played at my funeral

Masterpiece! - Poetbabu

5 Prey

One of the best concept albums of all time. Gothic metal to its best. - Poetbabu

6 Clouds

This is what made them Tiamat. Best doom metal album. - Poetbabu

7 Skeleton Skeletron

Joy ride for a goth fan but with variety of psychedelic trip. - Poetbabu

Amazing album

8 Judas Christ

Classic goth / dark rock - Poetbabu

9 A Deeper Kind of Slumber

If there ever was the perfect album, that you could listen to from the beginning to the end over and over again without breaking it's continuity in any way, this is it. Soft-sounding, but heavy with meaning and emotion, the perfect trip of introspection.

In simple words this is Tiamat is its peak psychedelic moods. Pink floyd of metal. - Poetbabu

Weird and beautiful. Heavy but soft. Great album that will grow on you slowly. When your're hooked, your're hooked! Love it!

10 The Astral Sleep

Raw Tiamat times with hint of what is to come. - Poetbabu

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1. Sumerian Cry
2. Judas Christ
3. The Scarred People
1. Amanethes
2. Sumerian Cry
3. Prey



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