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21 Pinwheel

I made this tool where feathers are on the pinwheels. I put them on two tables where I'm in between them. Two fans blow them and keep my arms up. It's a fun little tickle machine. I also adjust them so that they can tickle my feet and belly.

There are many different versions but each one I've seen works! - Curti2594

22 Ice Cubes

It was a hot day so I got a few ice cubes from the fridge. I then took off my shirt and placed the ice cubes on my ribs and stomach. They started to glide around and this tickled me a lot.

Cold! But glide it across the skin and certain areas will make them giggle! - Curti2594

Big time yes I love the ice cube on my body

23 Q-Tip

This is meant to Clean someone's Navel/Belly Button but this also works for Tickling there too & the Toes - Curti2594

24 An animal/insect

Spread peanut butter on their soles. Make sure you get a lot under and inbetween the toes as well. Set your dog loose and listen to them scream with laughter.

My boyfriend did that to me what he did was got a can of worms and blindfolded me then he put my feet on his lap then he tied my ankles and put the worms between my toes GOD! Did it tickle!

My dad would punish me like to that first the butter on. My soles the dog would come in and lick and lick I kinda of enjoyed it though

I taught my cat to lick my toes
the cats rough tongue draggin between my toes~
its torture but I love it!

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25 Light Touch

I can do this to myself, a light touch on my shoulder and I breakout in a fit of giggles. Once I do it, if I try again it feels like I know when I'm going to tickle. Aka I turn into a ninja!

Light touches can make you giggle and not laugh hard

Works wonders from what I've heard - Curti2594

If you lightly glide your hands over my sides,tummy,feet and the back of my thighs then it tickles like crazy!

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26 Scrubbing Brush

I was in my pool when my mum got in with some bubble bath and a scrubbing brush I didn't realize till the pool was full of bubble bath and she started scrubbing my feet tummy and under arms it was like a Barth

27 Feather Duster

One time I made my friend clean with a feather duster while I sat on the couch with my feet up. What did THEY do? They came up to me sneakily, and held my foot in a lock because the only thing I do when I get tickled is I weaken and I laugh, so they tickle tortured me for a half hour with it

Maids have teased this method all the time. they don't even know the effect them using this to clean makes some people feel if they see them using the duster to clean! - Curti2594

I use the black feather and tied the girls up torture all night long and I go after young girls too the same

Feather dusters are wonderful for tickling the entire body..

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28 Disc
29 Tickle Strip Poker

Play poker, loser has to take off a piece of clothing, first one fully nude, gets tied to the bed and tickled for 15 minutes. Lots of fun!

My girl friends and I did this once. But we played the try not laugh challenge. Every time we laughed, we had to take off a piece of clothing. I was laughing a lot, and was losing. I finally down to my panties and bra. I laughed more, and finally time off my panties and bra. They took me to the bed and used massagers on my feet, armpits,entire torso, my boobs,and the worst was the one on my vagina. I couldn't take it! They did this for 1 and half hours. I sorta LoVEd IT!

You'd need to find some really good friends to do this with - Curti2594

Sounds so sexy - Somepeeps_dontcare

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30 Electric Massager

I had a sleepover. My friends tackled me and I was insanely ticklish. They suddenly stripped me down to nothing, and took all of the electric massagers, and put them EVERYWHERE. Oh I have not been so tickled so bad, and I squealed like a pig when they found my most ticklish spot... That spot between the legs... Oh my

Oh my gosh, I too had a sleepover, and we played truth or dare. I was asked my crush but would not say. So my friends circled me, and grabbed my wrist's and ankles. They slowly rook off my clothes, and I was out. They took a small masagerto my neck, and then brought it to my breasts. They took it in circles, circling my nipples and I was screaming. They tickled me everywhere, and then one girl pinned down my stomach up, and the girls pulled my legs to the side, and arranged the strongest massager, on my vaginia,and I freaked. That laughed and continued this, keeping my legs app art, and used nails and such there, and would nit stop. They put managers everywhere else, too. Gosh I was like dying.

Man, my bff knew how ticklish I am, and one night she came and used her tri-leg electric massager on my feet! I screamed it was so bad! Great method for tickle torture!

Once I had a sleepover and whoever fell asleep would get tickled for 1 WHOLE DAY. I fell asleep and the girls found tons of electric massagers, at least 16. They had carefully stripped me of EVERYTHING, including my bra and underwear. The put one inter each armpit, two on each feet three on my belly, and the strongest on my worst tickle spot, where I can tickle myself, my vagina.They turned them on at the same time and watched me squirm, giggle,beg,cry from laughter, and attempt put fail to escape from my prison. Eventually, they turned off most of them, except for the super duper strong one on my vagina.Then they tapped massagers four on my nipples and breasts.Finally they turned off all except for the vagina and kept it on for 30 more mins.I begged for mercy, and finally they let me go.I LOVED ALL THAT AMAZING TICKLING!

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31 Flosser

Flosser are the best for tickling belly buttons!

32 Hair
33 Headless Electric Toothbrush

I bought so many electric toothbrushes for this. Sometimes I challenge myself to take it for an hour - DrTicklegamer2

Always use this on my body all over my body

34 Water Bottle Caps
35 Peanut Butter

If you have any dogs then try rubbing peanut butter on the belly or feet and they will lick at it for a long time.

I love having a dog lick pb OFF my feet the dogs soft tounge in between my toes

36 Stick



37 String

Ok people I tried this on myself it works just put the string in betueen his/hers toes and bam!

38 Water

A thin stream of water under pressure is directed to the groin. Incredibly ticklish. Ready for anything just to stop.

First pour some water on his/hers feet and then rub your fingers on his/hers feet that dose the trick

39 Massage Belt

Me and my friends (both boys and girls) were at a sleepover and we were playing truth or dare and some one dared me to laet Brady tickle me so I payed down on the floor and waited Brady to come back with his tool(s). He came back with a stack of massage belts he put one around my waist on my feet armpits etc. He had them all on low then he did them at different speeds then he put them on high for about thirty minuets. But the whole thing went on for an hour. (Not including the thirty minutes on high)

When you put a massage belt around someone's belly, and turn it on, they laugh so hard! I had it done to me!

40 Shaving Brush

Little known, very effective tickle tool for bare soles!

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