Top 10 Tickling Tools and Methods

Well let's just say I've got a Confession/ Fetish to tell my Fellow Friends and Toptenners and I guess the best why to say it is…….. You know what screw it I have a Love For Tickling! There is said it! My Story on why is way too long for this but trust me it's crazy! My main reason for making this list was to share one of my biggest Secrets because I can! And before you say Really loving Tickling is weird there any so many other stranger interests out their then Tickling! Tickling is one of my hidden passions & Desires! Though I'm Tickle Deprived why not share some of the knowledge I've got in this Topic for a good time!
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41 Shaving Brush

Little known, very effective tickle tool for bare soles!

42 Fork

I keep tickling the girls they will kiss me I use the fork on bare feet

My girlfriend likes to use a fork and tickle me feet

43 Hamster Hamster Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. The subfamily contains about 25 species, classified in six or seven genera.

When I was 12 I wouldn't get up for school so my mom put my pet hamster on my belly I was laughing and squirming so much it tickles so bad

Whin I was 12 I wouldn't get up for school so my mom put my pet hamster on my belly and I was laughing and squirming it tickles so bad

You put it on your belly and it makes you tickles so bad

I had a pet hamster when I was 5, and my friends rolled up my shirt when I was sleeping and put it on my tummy... I was laughing histarically in 3 seconds.

44 Cold Wet Wipes

Does not work

45 Grass

Me and my friends were casually playing (or should I say carving) noughts and crosses by scratching the board onto my knee with the sharp end of the grass. That tickled a bit, and got a few giggles out of me, but it was when one of my evil friends (who isn't ticklish) started to use the soft end on the back of my knee. Tickled like HELL!

It feels nice and defiantly tickles - Curti2594

If you find tickle grass lure your tickle towards it
If you stand on it or you get someone too step on it barefoot and they or you feel like your being insanely tickled you have found it
It is really effective

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