Most Ticklish Spot on Your Foot

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Between Toes

Once I was over at my boyfriends house for his birthday and he had a couple of his friends over and they are on the football team and they are really strong. I was laying down on the couch and my boyfriend was rubbing my feet and his finger slipped in between my toes and I didn’t even know I was ticklish but I squirmed and screamed and he yelled for his friends and they held me down while he tickled me.he tickled me for about 1 hours and I was dying. So now every time I go to his house I always make sure that he doesn’t try and tickle me


My feet are insanely ticklish so anywhere will have me screaming!

Pads of Toes

No, that spot always makes me laugh so hard. My dad would tickle that spot and call this method "foot guitar". I would always be laughing so hard that I would beg for my mom to make my dad stop.

Under Toes
Tops of Feet
Sides of Feet
Middle of Arch

I am so wicked ticklish on the middle of the arch of my feet, once on a sleepover with my friend Kerry, she would sit me and pin my feet down and she tickle the middle of my feet with her electric toothbrush I really couldn't stop laughing, I couldn't get up to go the bathroom but Kerry wouldn't let go of my foot I was like '' let go of my foot Kerry was like ' no way ' I almost made it, but I fell down laughing! Kerry was like get over here you goofball I was like no you are the goofball, but the minute, Kerry went top of me everywhere including my ribs, my tummy and belly button, under arms neck, thighs even behind my knee I could stop laughing like crazy! we had a great time, but when I had the hiccups from laughing she would always do the tickle cure! It was the best sleepover, I was really lucky to have Kerry as a great friend, I really love it when she tickles me all the time especially when I get in a grumpy mood she would always cheer me up with tickling all the time

I am so very sensitive, the middle of my foot is so ticklish! my friends would always tickle me there just to try get me to tell secrets, sometimes they would use an electric tooth brush, I would squirm like a worm while laughing like crazy! my friends would sit on top of me or hold my feet down, I would try to go to the bathroom but they wouldn't let me go, they would be like '' you're not going anywhere '' or '' no bathroomfor you, missy''! My friends love to tickle me so much on my feet!

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