Best Tier-5 Upgrades in Bloons TD 6

Tier 5 upgrades are a new addition to the popular BTD6. They are usually very expensive, but mega powerful.

The Top Ten

Perma-Spike (Spike Factory)

Is able to obliterate a entire BAD if used correctly.

Even after the nerf, it is still able to destroy an ENTIRE B.A.D. with Monkey Village and Alchemist support.

The tier 5 upgrade of the third path of the spike factory, the Perma-Spike, was the unanimously the most overpowered upgrade in the entire game before update 2.0, when its fire rate was decreased drastically. this upgrade sends out piles of 50 spikes which do 10 damage each. These spikes will carry over 4 rounds, giving it its name. It used to cost 20000, but the price was increased to 25000.

Good Tower

best support upgrade except maybe, maybe, sentry paragon.

Archmage (Wizard Monkey)

Overall Powerful, easily cuts through both ZOMGs and MOAB rushes.

Just a beast for chimps

you shall not PAASS

The tier 5 upgrade of the first path of the wizard monkey, the Archmage, is known to be one of the most powerful upgrades in the game. It attacks much faster than it's previous upgrade, arcane spike, and its attacks do a whopping 25 damage to M.O.A.B.s and higher. On some tracks, it can even destroy an entire Z.O.M.G, children and all, by itself. That's not bad for a tower that costs 32000.

Glaive Lord (Boomerang Monkey)

This version of glaive lord is much better than the BTD5 version

The Tier 5 Upgrade of the first path of the boomerang monkey, the glaive lord, isn't really known to be a bad-ass by most people, but they can pretty much destroy an infinite amount of B.F.Bs. In BTD5, it was kind of overpriced, but not anymore.

Really strong and cheap

Monkeynomics (Banana Farm)


Glaive = bad

The tier 5 upgrade of the second path of the banana farm, monkeynomics, will give you a lot of money. If you need quick cash in the late game, you can use druids, but if you can afford it, get this. For $100000, you'll get an ability to GIVE you $10000. just use it 10 times, and you've got your money back. sure, you could get a lot of druids, but those take up space.

Bloon Master (Alchemist)

Round 80 is not a problem. tho it isn't that good in higher rounds

Easily destroys grouped bloons, even millions of ZOMGs

The tier 5 upgrade of the third path of the alchemist, the Bloon Master Alchemist, can easily turn any bloon up to a B.A.D. into a red bloon. That's right, ANY bloon up to a Z.O.M.G. can be transformed. He's not that slow with it either.

Preemptive Strike (Monkey Sub)

Can Destroy BAD alone. Ability wrecks BADs and this can make it so there is no remains of a BAD

The Tier 5 upgrade of the second path of the monkey sub, preemptive strike, is a free ticket to defeating one of the hardest rounds in Impoppable and Chimps modes, round 95. This round has a rush of D.D.T. bloons, but they're no problem for this tower. In earlier free play rounds, the preemptive strike sub will destroy all M.O.A.B. and D.D.T. bloons, no problem. The reason its not higher is due to it's use going down in higher rounds.

Most powerful tower!

Can wreck everything

Spirit of the Forest (Druid)

The Tier 5 upgrade of the second path of the druid, the spirit of the forest, does multiple things. It's main use is to do damage to everything on screen several times, being able to destroy pre-round 81 ceramics, but that's not it. It also gives you 25 lives and $1000 every round. Combined with its previous upgrade, jungle's bounty, you'll be making money really quickly. Not bad for a $50000 upgrade.

Flying Fortress (Monkey Ace)

If you Ultraboost and Perma-Brew this thing, give it Call To Arms and upgrade it to a 2-0-5 it can do ANYTHING

just perfect for round 90

The tier 5 upgrade for the third path of the monkey ace, the flying fortress of bloon doom as I like to call it, is extremely powerful. It shreads M.O.A.B. class bloons with relative ease, able to do major damage to B.A.D. bloons. Why so low, then? The reason is its price. The flying fortress costs a whopping $120000! More than a temple! My point has been made.

True Sun God (Super Monkey)

True Sun God and especially the Vengeful Temple and Solo long after round 100 and beyond.

This should be #2 or #1 you can get the dark vengeful temple and glitch it so the balloons cannot be even seen.

If you want to see how far you can get go for this

Op can obliterate round 100

Primary Expertise (Monkey Village)

it does not make sense why a booster tower must attack at tier 5

The Tier 5 upgrade of the first path of the Monkey Village, primary expertise, isn't really a good upgrade, by its definition. It gives primary monkeys tier 2 upgrades for free. Why not give all monkeys tier 2 upgrades for free? This tower is more than just that, however. It also gains a powerful attack known as "Mega Ballista," which can easily take down M.O.A.B. class bloons. To me, it's worth the 25000.

That thing can destroy a whole ZOMG and its children all by itself, for 25 000 only. It should be higher.

The Contenders

Permanent Brew (Alchemist)

The tier 5 upgrade for the first path of the alchemist, permanent brew, isn't very useful by itself, since it doesn't give any extra bonus from stronger stimulant, but with the help of a support chinook heli, it can be pretty good. It's a little overpriced in my opinion, though.

Energizer (Monkey Sub)

The tier 5 upgrade for the first path of the monkey sub, energizer, used to be useless. It gave water based towers in its radius a quicker cooldown. Now, it's amazing, giving EVERY water tower a quicker cooldown, and halvening the cooldown time of water towers in its radius. Not to mention the hero XP bonus. It also gives a pierce buff to its attack.

Good support tower


Legend of the Night (Super Monkey)

Ability when blooms are going to leak through is op as it can literally take anything

Easily destroys wave 95

knight The


Grandmaster Ninja (Ninja Monkey)

The grandmaster ninja with caltrops is insane and can output a lot of damage in a few seconds

This tower with 20 max shinobis, overclock, and other support towers makes the strategy easier. Though, these things I listed may be expensive.

bloonjistu is already good

The Bloon Solver (Glue Monkey)

The bloon solver eliminates moabs instantly. And is strong enough to take down a bfb in a few seconds.

Easily takes 63 and 76

Melts through moabs

awesome for moabs

SuperMines (Spike Factory)

Super mines simply do tons of damage and can destroy literally any bloon.

Super mines can instantly destroy a zomg. Just a single super mine spike ball can do extreme damage to a B.A.D, super mines and perma-spike is able to take down a entire bad in a few seconds. No wonder super mines is so expensive

Can destroy a bad with support

Super Storm (Druid)

It may be expensive but is extremely overpowered, it has a variation of attacks, including druid spikes, lightning shock, ball of lightning, super tornado capable on blowing away MOAB class balloons

Elite Defender (Sniper Monkey)

bads and sets with struggles rounds early in good really and tower Favorite

RIP machine gun monkey

It fires so fast! my favorite

Tons of DPS

Turbo Boost (Monkey Engineer)

The buff is great


It’s to good as it can literally make any their 5 god tier

Better that ultra clock good strategy. I don’t have a picture

Bloon Crush (Bomb Shooter)

Easily can solo anything but a BAD with a 4-2-0 Monkey Village, stalls eternally.

It just stuns any Moab class bloons (accept BADs obviously) and at the back on higher rounds it’s so good as it stuns any ZOMGs BFBs and MOABs that are going to break through

permanently immobilizes lolololololol

Perma Charge (Boomerang Monkey)


Monkey Wall Street (Banana Farm)

very insaene

Sub Commander (Monkey Sub)

With the Sub Admiral MK point and more subs around it this can easily solo a BAD

Plasma Monkey Fan Club (Dart Monkey)

With a lot of other reguler dart towers it just melts all bloons and moab types

Plasma blasts alone is op. good use of dart monkeys.

Total Transformation (Alchemist)
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