Best Tier V World of Tanks Blitz Tanks

The Top Ten
1 StuG III Ausf. G

What is this, German?

Yep - Warwolf18

On PC, M4 with derp and ELC AMX dominates

2 BDR G1 B

The graphics, wow...

3 T1 Heavy

Sure, I guess.

4 Churchill IV
5 Leopard

Awesome tank that is insanley fast, has really good turret and track traverse and has one of the most awesome guns ever made. Enough said.

6 KV-1
7 T49

Isn't that named T67 - P-51IsDaBest

8 T-25
9 M7
10 Chi Nu
The Contenders
11 Su-85
12 M24 chaffee
13 M4 Sherman

A good tank but unfortunately you have to play the M3 lee to get it

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