Top 10 Best Tiger082762 Angry Videos

Fadi Zawawi recently has created a new series called (A PsYcHoPaTh) in 2017 and has uploaded almost nearly 100 videos/episodes in the YouTube playlist on his "Tiger082762" YouTube channel. He has a few crazy videos on it which is your top-pick.

The Top Ten

1 Angry Dad Quits Interview

The reason this is on here is because this started this glorious series. - Tiger082762

2 Angry Dad Beats Son

This is the start of where the Angry Videos became popular. - Tiger082762

3 Angry Dad Bonks TV

Probably the only Angry Video in 2017 where Michael breaks the most expensive thing by far in season 3. - Tiger082762

4 Angry Brother's Water Bath Blowout

This is where the prank war truly started then went deeper. - Tiger082762

5 Angry Kid Smashes Gaming Monitor

This is where extreme destruction started. - Tiger082762

6 Angry Adult Slaps iPhone

This is where Angry Videos with fire starting kicking in the series. - Tiger082762

7 Angry Family Downfall

A ending to season 2, then the prank war season begins. - Tiger082762

8 Angry Barber Kicks Out YouTuber

The funniest Angry Video by far in A PsYcHoPaTh. - Tiger082762

9 Angry Kid Barges Open Door

Huge karma for Firas in this Angry Video for causing the events of Angry Kid Pounds Glasses. - Tiger082762

10 Angry Kid Trashes Halloween Party

Possibly the good build-up ending for the Season 3 prank war. - Tiger082762

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