Top 10 Times Cartoons Got Real

These are the moments in cartoons where things got a little too real to the point where you almost forget your watching a cartoon, these are moments that deal with serious issues or moments that you really wouldn't expect in a cartoon.

The Top Ten

1 Stan Marsh Going Through Depression in South Park

In the episode "Your Getting Old" Stan celebrates his tenth birthday however he begins to see everything differently and starting to lose interest in everything he use to like everything he sees and hears starts to look and sound like crap literally he becomes such a buzzkill that the guys don't wanna be around him anymore making things worst Stan's parents decide to split up as the episode ends the song "Landslide" plays and its one of the most saddest endings in cartoon history where noting is resolved and Stan continues with his depression. - egnomac

This entire episode was unbelievably sad and unexpected. - kempokid

2 Fat Albert and The Gang Go to Prison in The Adventures of Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids

After Albert and the gang get busted while in a stolen car driven by one of their friends they are put in a scared strait program and visit an actual prison where they are constantly taunted and harassed by the prisoners and they really emphasis the possibility of prison rape. - egnomac

3 Janice is Diagnosed with Leukemia in Why, Charlie Brown,Why?

Y'know for kids! - PerfectImpulseX

4 Fernando is Killed While Trying to Stop a Gang War in The Adventures of Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids

This episode pulled no punches Fat Albert attempts to help Fernando stop a gang war in which Fernando's brother who's in a gang is a part of, they are found by the police and told to stay in the car Fernando see's his brother Tito and tries to warn him eventually he see's a rival gang member pull out a gun and jumps right in to save him and is killed Tito saddened for the loss of his brother vows to kill them in retaliation then Fat Albert jumps in with a very serious tone stating that if he kills them then they're going to kill him back not only that but also states that when fight and revenge is all you think of then its always going to turn badly his brother died trying to save him and if he dies than Fernando's sacrifice would all be for nothing. - egnomac

5 Mrs. MacGrady is Diagnosed with Cancer in Arthur
6 Linka's Cousin Boris Dies from a Drug Overdose in Captain Planet
7 Virgil Deals with Richie's Racist Father in Static Shock

A very surprising moment you normally wouldn't expect in a kids cartoon where Virgil aka Statick Shock learns the reason why Richie never wants to let him come over because he's father is a racist and he don't hide how he feels about Virgil. - egnomac

8 Lapaz and Jasper's Abusive Relationship in Steven Universe
9 Tom and Jerry Considering SuicideĀ in Tom and Jerry

Possibly the darkest moment in Tom and Jerry Tom tries everything to win over a girl but is constantly being upstaged by another cat nothing he tries works he even sells himself to slavery and yet nothing he eventually becomes so depressed that he becomes completely wasted on milk, and just like in the beginning Tom sits on the train railings with a very depressed look on his face as he decides to end his life all while Jerry watches and being thankful the same isn't happening to him until he see's his girl driving off with another mouse he then follows Tom and sits next to him with the same expression as they wait as the sound of a train can be herd getting closer and the episode ends. - egnomac

Unexpectedly dark and emotional. - Tia-Harribel


10 Helga Gets Sent to a Psychologist in Hey Arnold

One of the best Hey Arnold episodes ever made Helga gets send to therapy at first she tries everything to avoid actually telling the therapist anything hoping to just speed through the session but eventually she gives in talks about how she's constantly neglected by her parents and its heavily implied that her mother is an alcoholic and that her older sister Olga always got all the attention and praise. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 David and Lisa Prepare for Their Deaths in The World of David The Gnome
12 Cookie Chomper III Gets Run Over and is Killed in Alvin and Chipmunks

Alvin, Simon and Theodore find a lost kitten and name her Cookie Chomper III and not son after gets run over and dies the boys do not take the news well especially Theodore whose in complete denial & assumes that Cookie Chomper is still lost. - egnomac

13 Captain Planet Teaches Kids About AIDS in Captain Planet and The Planeteers

Todd Andrews a high school basketball player finds out that he has HIV/ AIDS and worries how people would react Verminous Skumm one of the villains steals his medical records and spreads rumors that Todd has AIDS causing Todd's schoolmates and the town to turn against not only him but his family as well his brother gets beat up for defending him which causes Todd to runaway only to be stuck and is rescued by Captain Planet who brings him back then lectures everyone about the difference between HIV and AIDS. - egnomac

14 Heffer Wolfe's Backstory in Rocko's Modern Life
15 The Death of Zane in Ninjago
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