Top 10 Times Cartoons Went Too Far

These are the most offensive and disturbing moments in cartoons, moments that really crossed the line it could either a moment, an episode or an entire series , for this list were excluding anything from The censored eleven or any cartoons that were product of there times.
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1 Quagmire Rapes Marge Simpson and Murders the Simpsons Family - Family Guy

This was apparently the creators of Family Guy's response to The Simpsons having an episode in which a wanted poster of Peter with the words plagiarist.

That moment sucked.


Which is why I DESPISE Family Guy with a passion

2 Ren Seeks Help - Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon

The episode was suppose to show why Ren is so crazy instead they portray him as a violent psychopath.

This just went that extra mile. A descrase of cartoons, and film in genreal. John Kricfalusi Is probably a cool guy, but good god...

3 American Fung - American Dad
4 Screams of Silence - Family Guy
5 Uh-Oh! Canada - King of the Hill

This whole episode is heavely mean spirited towards Canadians throughout the episode the canadian family are reffred to as The Canadians and never by their actual names.

6 Zim Stealing Kid's Organs - Invader Zim

It was quite the surreal and disturbing experience. But hey, that's what makes Invader Zim as great as it is.

7 Cartman Grinds Scott Tenermon's Patents in to Chili and Feeds It to Him - South Park

Tenormon deserved it

That scene should be B A N N E D it's so violent! same as zim eating organs,Ren seeks help,suicide Squidward etc!

8 Beauty and the Beach - Pokemon
9 Mr. Krabs Drives Plankton to Suicide - SpongeBob SquarePants

I feel horrible for Plankton having to deal with this money grabbing douche. All Plankton dreams is to be like Mr. KKKrabs and own his own restaurant but it's unfortunate that he can't cook very well. Now I get it why he wants to steal the recipe all the time.

I miss the days when it was acceptable for kids to watch Punch and Judy (Had a film in 90s)

This can't be true, did this actually air on a children's show?

One Coarse Meal should get banned

10 Buffalo Gals - Cow and Chicken

The episode opens with Cow and Chickens home being invaded by a group of biker woman who chew on their carpet which is a reference to carpet munching an offinsive term for Lesbian.

The Contenders
11 Rude Removal - Dexter's Laboratory
12 Are You Happy Now? - SpongeBob SquarePants

The episode is disturbingly similar to the "Squidward's Suicide" creepypasta. There are two suicide jokes that are particularly morbid even for SpongeBob.

Why did they have to film that? - Squidward Tentacles

13 Starfire and Raven Become Sexists - Teen Titans Go!

I think you're referring to "Boys Vs. Girls"

14 The Titans Destroy Santa's Toy Factory - Teen Titans Go!

Oh, they're DEFINITELY going to stay on Santa's naughty list for a long time after that incident.

That would leave them on the naughty list forever! Santa's reaction was priceless though

15 Freedom Land - The Boondocks
16 Lars Naked - Steven Universe

When did that happen

17 Dexter Wanting to See a Grown Woman Pretending to Be Dee Dee Dance Which Costs Money - Dexter's Laboratory
18 Iggy Forces Arnold to Wear Bunny Pajamas - Hey Arnold

I remember that episode, I felt so Bad for Arnold. Concidering it was actually Sid and Stinkys, that spilled the beans, and not Arnold.

19 The Titans Wrecks Havoc All Over Santa's Workshop and the Northpole - Teen Titans Go!

Because that's what the Toddler Titans do best: take something magical or amazing and defecate on it.

20 Sylvester Goes to Hell - Looney Tunes
21 Beast Boy and Cyborg Swallowing Their Food Without Chewing - Teen Titans Go!

A toddler would've choke after copying Teen Titans Go

If my toddler niece (she’s almost two) would have copying that and choked. I would have been beyond pissed. My sister probably would have sued CN.

I wish they choked while doing this.

22 Robin Saying that She's an Accident - The Powerpuff Girls (1998)
23 Tenrei Planet Hot Springs - Outlaw Star
24 SpongeBob Killing Clams in to Love a Patty - SpongeBob SquarePants

One of the clams could've been Junior!

25 Stanley's Cup - South Park

Not only did they throw in another couple of Steve Irwin jokes (after they already got in trouble for making a Steve Irwin joke 2 weeks after he died), but the ending scene is just so unapologetically dark and mean spirited. Seriously, kindergarten kids getting beaten up and then one dying of cancer? Yeah, this is by far one of my least favourite South Park episodes.

You know what, this episode is so mean-spirited it would work perfectly as a modern Family Guy episode. I mean, little kids get beat up and then another one died of cancer. I'd rather watch South Park season 20 episodes (which suck) instead of this.

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