Top 10 Times Disney Made Us Realize That Life Sucks

Disney has shown us that dreams can come true and happy ending are possible but every once and a while Disney was not afraid to show us that life can be cruel and for the most part unfair and make you realize that life can really suck, for this list we will be looking back at the times in Disney movies where characters find themselves in terrible situations or have bad things happen to them that are completely out of their control.

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1 Ernesto Murders Hector and Steals His Songs to Make Himself Famous - Coco

Hector was a loving father and husband who had his life destroyed by a man he once called a friend and partner who decided to end his life all because he wanted to leave to go back to his family, not only does Ernesto steal Hector's guitar and his songs and passes them off as his own to become famous but by doing so Hector's family thought he abandoned them causing them to resent him and never put up his photo therefore never allowing him to visit on Day of the Dead and see his daughter Coco which results in him to be almost competently forgotten and fade from existence. - egnomac

2 Marlen Loses His Wife and All but One of His Children to a Barracuda - Finding Nemo

Really heartbreaking scene and this was just the opening literally minutes into the movie Marlen and his wife Coral and their eggs are attacked by a hungry barracuda though Coral valiantly tries to protect her eggs she and all but one of them are devoured by the barracuda meanwhile Marlene was knocked out and was unable to protect them. - egnomac

Losing family members is never a good thing and Marlen is a very unappriciated hero in the disney universe. First of all he went out of his way to get his son back, even in real life parents don't put in much effort to pay attention to what their kids are doing, which to me is why they do stupid crap. To he noticed and see how far their parents will go for them. - Dustbunnie

3 Travis is Forced to Put Down Old Yeller - Old Yeller

Travis and Old Yeller were the best of friends but after Old Yeller is bitten by a wolf infected with rabies Old Yeller begins showing signs of being infected and Travis has to put Old Yeller out of his misery. - egnomac

I hated this moment in the book so much, having to put down the thing you love is the hardest pain you could go through. At a young age too! - Dustbunnie

this, because it could really happen and kids know it

4 Tod and Copper are Forced to Become Enemies - The Fox and the Hound

Tod and Copper do become the best of friends as kids but once they grow up they are forced to become enemies due to the rules of society and even though Copper does stop his master Amos from shooting the two can no longer be friends and are forced to spend the rest of their lives as enemies. - egnomac

5 Dumbo's Mom Gets Taken Away - Dumbo

Dumbo's mom was the only one before Timothy Mouse came along who protected and defended him when others like the other elephants mocked and laughed at him but after one of the kids at the circus gets too close for comfort towards Dumbo Mrs. Jumbo acts on natural instincts and defends him and goes berserk which then leads to the ring leader to have Mrs. Jumbo locked away leaving Dumbo all on his own. - egnomac

This is awful - Margarida

Don't remind me of this sucks. - BloodFang

6 Nani Tries and Fails to Prove to Cobra Bubbles that She is Capable of Taking Care of Lilo - Lilo and Stitch

Following the death of Nani and Lilo's parents Nani has been determined to prove that she can be a good legal guardian to her sisters Lilo however nothing ever goes right for her as things constantly go wrong usually due to Lilo or Stitch's antics and Nani is really trying her best but Cobra Bubbles isn't cutting her any slack and after Lilo nearly drowns after Stitch grabs onto her after Jumba and Pleakley grab him while they were surfing and Bubbles makes his decision that Lilo needs to be taken away. - egnomac

7 Bambi Loses His Mother - Bambi

Since the beginning of the movie Bambi's mom had always been there for him keeping him safe but as you already know one winter day they are ambushed by a hunter and as they run to safety Bambi's mom is shot and killed leaving him on his own until his dad steps in to take over raising him while also telling him that he's mom is dead though he never actually tells him that as all he tells him is his mother can't be with him which is all Bambi needed to know that his mother was dead. - egnomac

8 Doc Hudson is Forced Into Early Retirement - Cars

Doc was a former racing legend but after an accident he was almost immediately replaced and while he tried to go back he was told he was history and became forgotten about by the racing world. - egnomac

9 Quasimodo's Humiliation During the Festival of Fools - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Despite Frollo telling him that he should never leave the bell tower due to how cruel the outside world is Quasimodo ignores this and goes down during the festival of fools and too his surprise everyone cheers for him as he is crowned the king of fools as he finally feels accepted only for it all to go downhill fast as a couple of guards begin throwing vegetables at him as the crowd that once cheered for him also join in and strap him down while they continue to throw vegetables at him all while Quasimodo pleads with his master Frollo for help but Frollo allows for the humiliation to continue as punishment for him leaving the tower. - egnomac

10 Mulan is Almost Killed After Her True Identity is Revealed - Mulan

Despite the fact that Mulan single handily wiped out most of the Hun army and saved general Shang's life because she is found out to be a woman and due to China's very strict rules she is almost executed just because she was trying to save her fathers life luckily Shang spares her life for saving his. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 The Supers are Forced Into Hiding Following a Series of Lawsuits - The Incredibles

Which is why being a superhero really sucks despite the fact that the supers constantly keep the world safe after Mr. Incredible is sued just for doing his job it then leads to a series of lawsuits against the supers which ultimately leads to government to force them into hiding. - egnomac

12 Gusteau's Restaurant Gets Shut Down - Ratatouille

Despite Remy and his family helping Linguine after his staff walks out on him and impressing Anton Ego who writes an good review they as Remy states had to let Skinner and the health inspector go who of course rat them out and have the restaurant shut down. - egnomac

13 Jessie is Forgotten About and Later Given Up by Her Owner Emily - Toy Story 2

The sad story of Jessie who was once loved by her owner Emily then was forgotten about after she starts growing up and is later found by her only for her to donate her. - egnomac

14 Scar Kills Mufasa, and Simba Watches His Father Die - The Lion King
15 Bolt Returns to Penny Only to Find Out He's Been Replaced - Bolt

Bolt finally returns to Penny but to his shock finds out that he has been replaced as he sees Penny with another dog who looks like him realizing that Mittens was right about Penny's love for him being fake as he leaves before finding out that he Penny still loves and cares for him. - egnomac

16 Gabby Gabby Gets Rejected - Toy Story 4

For years all Gabby Gabby wanted was to be loved by a child and in that year she thought she found the perfect child in Harmony the problem was her voice box was broken and needed Woody to give up his voice box which he willingly does in exchange for Forky however even with that Harmony immediately rejects Gabby Gabby throwing her back into a wooden box smashing all of her hopes and dreams to pieces. - egnomac

17 Kenai Realizes that Koda's Mom Was the Bear He Killed, and He is Forced to Tell the Truth to a Heartbroken Koda - Brother Bear
18 Dumbo is made a clown and humiliated in front of the whole circus - Dumbo

An to think this was done to poor Dumbo as punishment for accidentally causing the big top to collapse, this is basically animal cruelty. - egnomac

19 The Step sisters tear apart Cinderella's dress - Cinderella

Cinderella's mice friends helped her finish her dress in time for the ball but before Cinderella can get to go with her family Lady Tremaine allows her daughters to tear apart Cinderella's dress to ruin her chance of going after they notice the dress was made from the stuff they threw away and even though they didn't want it there was no way they would want Cinderella to have it, Treamine and her daughters leave for the ball leaving Cinderella in tears. - egnomac

20 Bolt Realizes that Mittens Was Right About Him Not Really Being a Superdog - Bolt
21 Scar Taunts Simba with the Guilt of Him Having Killed His Father, Even Though He Didn't - The Lion King
22 Widow Tweed is forced to take Tod to a game preserve and leave him there to keep him safe from Amos Slade - The Fox and the Hound
23 Ray the Firefly is Killed by Doctor Facilier - The Princess and the Frog
24 Clayton Kills Kerchak - Tarzan
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