Top Ten Best Times for the Dismiss Bell to Ring

The Top Ten

1 When it's the last period of the semester
2 When it's the last period of Friday
3 When it's the last period of the day
4 When the teacher is in the middle of scolding the class
5 When the next period is lunch
6 When you're thirsty
7 When you need to go to the bathroom

I hated when the teachers wouldn't let you dump ass when you needed to - bobbythebrony

8 When it's the period of your least favorite class
9 When you're so bored that you don't know what to do
10 When it's time to go home

I'm at school on the website right now. LOL - Pegasister12

Dismiss bell rings,you can go home and come to this website - SamuiNeko

The Contenders

11 When it's the very last minute of the testing week
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