Top 10 Times Live Action Shows Got Too Real

The moments from live action TV shows that got a little too real with a lot of them dealing with very heavy subject matters.
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1 Everyone Dies - Dinosaurs

By far the darkest T.V. show finale in the final episode when the Bunch Beetles are unable to show up and eat the creeper vine and the species goes extinct with the exception of one leading to Earl Sinclair being put in charge of destroying the vines by spraying the plants with defoliant which kills the vines but ends up killing all plant life on Earth in an attempt to create clouds to bring rain allowing the plants to grow back they decide to drops bombs in the volcanoes which only make the problem worst as the dark clouds instead causes global cooling and according to the scientists it would take tens of thousands of years to dissipate meaning that they are all screwed as Earl returns with his family and apologizes for causing the end of the world at one point baby Sinclair asks if they're going to move and Earl tells him that there's no place to move to and that he was put in charge of the world and didn't take good care of it and now there won't be a world left for them as the ...more

2 Arnold and Dudley Get Molested - Different Strokes

This episode payed no expenses and got straight to the point and handled the situation beautifully it one of the most well crafted and important episodes in TV history

In the episode entitled "The Bicycle Man" Arnold befriends a Bicycle store owner named Mr. Horton along with his friend Dudley who actually turns out to be a pedophile who gives them wine and even shows them pornography eventually Arnold realizes how F'd up the situation is and does the right thing going to the police after carelessly leaving Dudley alone with him.

3 Mister Rogers Talks About Violence and Shootings - Mister Rogers Neighborhood
4 Will Denounces His Father - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

After finally forgiven his father Lou for walking out on him 14 years earlier he invites Will on a trip with him but Lou disappoints him again by abandoning him again but not before being confronted by Phil furious at Lou then Will catches him as he's leaving realizing that he's been let down again denounces his father referring to him as Lou and not Dad, originally Will was suppose to shrug it off like it was nothing Will Smith heavily improvised the scene by going on an emotional rant going off about he doesn't need his dad in his life which all gets summed up one line "I'ma be a better father than he ever was, and I sure as hell don't need him for that, cause there ain't a damn thing he could ever teach me about how to love my kids! " before breaking down in tears asking "How come he don't want me, man? " as Will and Phil embrace each other crying.

This was an amazing scene and was beautifully acted.

5 Monroe Gets Kidnapped and Sexually Tortured - Too Close for Comfort

In the episode Monroe comes home late from his security guard job completely traumatized after he was kidnapped by two woman and repeatedly raped and apparently the episode plays it for laughs and of course the police doesn't think he should press charges because it would be too embarrassing for him.

6 Edith Bunker is  Sexually Assaulted on Her Birthday - All in the Family
7 Goodbye Mr. Hooper - Sesame Street

Following the death of Will Lee the actor who played Mr. Hooper the producers were left wondering how to deal with the loss of Mr. Hooper after talking with child psychologists they decided to tackle the issue directly in the episode Big Birds adult friends attempt to explain to him about Mr. Hooper's death but no matter how many times they try to explain it to him Big Bird is left confused and saddened unable to come to terms with Mr. Hooper's death.

8 Raven Faces Racial Discrimination  - That's so Raven

You can check this episode out on disney+ which is great to watch right now with all the terrible racism, it's definitely the best episode of That's so raven

Raven applies for a job along with her friend Chelsie at a store but despite proving that she's more than qualified Raven doesn't get the job but Chelsie does then Raven gets one of her visions and sees the store manager blatantly stating that she doesn't hire black people with help form some reporters they go undercover to get proof.

9 Snuffy's Parents Get a Divorce - Sesame Street
10 Stephanie Learns About Child Abuse - Full House

'Silence is Golden'. One of the greatest, most surreal episodes of this show.

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11 Cece prays to God - Shake it Up

First time a t.v. show made me cry

12 Multiple Contestants Get Racist - Big Brother

Multiple contestants on Big Brother get racist towards, African American people, Asian people and gay people. Many of them lost their jobs as consequences. One of the contestants that made if halfway through the game was the cause of all of this mocking another contestant that is black.

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