Top Ten Best Times and Places to Do the Mannequin Challenge

MANNEQUIN! stop what you're doing right...NOW!
These are some best places to take the challenge. Have any more ideas? Feel free to add :)

The Top Ten

1 Madame Tussauds

Waxing motionless. Perplexing concept.

Worst challenge of the year. - ProPanda

2 On a Roller Coaster

Sorry, but the roller coaster will move anyways, so you cannot control that unless you stop the roller coaster from moving. - AnimeDrawer

Nah you're arms will sway lightly as you move - Neonco31

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3 At a gig

Perhaps not the choicest place to go stiff.

4 In a nightclub
5 In a shopping mall

Need one of those maps that say "you are here," just to convince me that I actually am here.

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6 In a restaurant

Hell. Thought it was mandatory for wait staff.

7 While kissing

Can't say going stiff for me during this is at all easy but for some folk I should imagine it would be easy to hold this position for the duration. - Britgirl

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8 Giving a speech
9 Whilst driving

By traffic lights though.

Been stiff whilst drivin'. Plays hob with the steering.

10 During giving birth

The Contenders

11 In class
12 Whilst swimming
13 In a Concert
14 While Playing Rugby
15 In house
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