Top 10 Times Political Correctness Went Too Far

The Top Ten Times Political Correctness Went Too Far

1 Rotherham Police Force ignored Pakistani Muslims raping thousands of girls in Rotherham, UK, out of fear of being called racists

Really?! - RoseWeasley

2 Cologne Police ignore over 200 migrant sex attacks on women by Muslims on New Years Eve 2016 out of fear of being called racist or bigoted
3 Netflix Adaptation of "The Witcher" seeks BAME actress for Ciri, an originally white character, in the name of "diversity"
4 Matt Taylor shirt controversy
5 Antifa disrupts gay pride parade as it's "offensive to Muslims"

How ironic - Weirdest-thing

6 Girl Attacked for Chinese Prom Dress Worn for Cultural Appreciation When Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Jeremy Lam: My culture is not your damn dress.
Also Jeremy Lam: Sometimes you can't say anything else besides "*N-word* DAAYUUM! " - RoseWeasley

7 Ex Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali branded "Islamophobic" for leaving Islam because she hated it's violent dogma
8 Turkish Government tries to ban Minecraft for being too violent
9 Calling Mario racist for being able to wear a poncho and sombrero in Super Mario Odyssey

I searched up Mario sombrero problemo and it is true! people got offended by this

Even though it wasn't the first time Mario has been seen wearing a poncho and Sombrero. - egnomac

10 Backlash Against How to Train Your Dragon 2 for Making Toothless Heterosexual
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