Top 10 Times Political Correctness Went Too Far

The Top Ten

Rotherham Police Force ignored Pakistani Muslims raping thousands of girls in Rotherham, UK, out of fear of being called racists

Really?! - RoseWeasley

Cologne Police ignore over 200 migrant sex attacks on women by Muslims on New Years Eve 2016 out of fear of being called racist or bigoted
Netflix Adaptation of "The Witcher" seeks BAME actress for Ciri, an originally white character, in the name of "diversity"
Matt Taylor shirt controversy
Antifa disrupts gay pride parade as it's "offensive to Muslims"

How ironic - Weirdest-thing

Girl Attacked for Chinese Prom Dress Worn for Cultural Appreciation When Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Jeremy Lam: My culture is not your damn dress.
Also Jeremy Lam: Sometimes you can't say anything else besides "*N-word* DAAYUUM! " - RoseWeasley

Ex Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali branded "Islamophobic" for leaving Islam because she hated it's violent dogma
Turkish Government tries to ban Minecraft for being too violent
Calling Mario racist for being able to wear a poncho and sombrero in Super Mario Odyssey

I searched up Mario sombrero problemo and it is true! people got offended by this

Even though it wasn't the first time Mario has been seen wearing a poncho and Sombrero. - egnomac

Backlash Against How to Train Your Dragon 2 for Making Toothless Heterosexual
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