Top Ten Times to View This List

I decided to make the most pointless list on the site.

The Top Ten

1 Right now

I both love and regret this list. - Cyri

Got that! 5 am, looking at this list.

I guess I'm on time. - isaaonrtdmtr

Even better if it’s 9:26 A.M. - mistyglow

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2 Tomorrow
3 Yesterday
4 The stone age

The way that world leaders are taking us, it doesn't sound so preposterous to me. - PositronWildhawk

What a fanciful idea. Time travel is sure to exist in a matter of years. Wait. Can we bring technology back in time? - MaxAurelius

5 In a year
6 In a week
7 Last week

I will If I remember. - Britgirl

I think I did actually. Hi future me. - MaxAurelius

8 In a decade
9 In a century

Well this is pointlessly ludicrous. - MaxAurelius

10 While you sleep

*Going into deep sleep at 2AM...*
*Wakes up suddenly*
I should view that one list! - isaaonrtdmtr

The Contenders

11 In Roman times
12 After your mom died

This got dark. I'm the one who's supposed to write dark things. - Cyri

13 After reading a book
14 After petting a dog
15 While plotting world domination

I can summon my own universe. But if I did, would I be Cyri or Cyri? - Cyri

16 When you need a advice
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