Top 10 Times of Year

The Top Ten

1 Your Birthday

You get to have presents but you are the only one opening them it feels like you are special and at me place we get to choose to go to Scotland or Wales.

Nothing is special about it when you're at school. - Spicygarlic

2 Christmas

You get extra presents from your socking and you get to not get nagged at your parents as much and get to eat lots of chocolate

3 Easter

You get lots of sweets and chocolate (and I mean massive chocolate) and branch is fun as I like ham.

4 April Fools Day

This is great! Get to play pranks on your crusty old granny! She says, "I am going get you" you: "What with your but? " Bad joke yeah.

5 Summer Holidays

You are off school for three months yeah! lots of fun for once without Mr. Stockly nagging yeh.

6 Half Term

You are off for a week and get to have fun

7 Holidays

Go off to a country yeah! I have been to: Norway, San Marnino, Portugal, USA, Guyana and those are just a few

8 Winter

Believe or not, I like the cold more than I like the hot. I love winter sports and Winter provides me to do sking and ice hockey like no other time of year.

9 New Years Eve

The only reason this is even here is because you get to stay up all night.

I like watching the ball drop on T.V. and they also televise celebrations from Hollywood and Vegas

10 World Animal Day

Finally animals get attendation.

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