Top Ten Times You Shouldn't Laugh at School

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1 When someone falls down the stairs

I'd laugh out loud if the person deserved it, otherwise I'd just keep it in to not...y'know, offend anybody.

Definitely. That would be messed up.

*we should laugh if he's a bully*

If he/she deserves it yes.

2 When you are getting a detention slip

Hell nah - FallenBlaze

3 While doing a presentation

I add a lot of humor to my presentations

Unless of course you add some humor into the presentation and it is fairly appropriate to laugh. - DapperPickle

4 When your teacher falls in the trash can

If it's a mean teacher that would be funny.

Although that would be extremely hilarious, your teacher would be likely to be upset if anyone laughed at her.

Oh yes, the classic "teacher falls into the trash can" routine. That happens all the time.

5 While getting test directions

I have also done this many times

6 During your part in the school play

What if the line is funny?

7 During an intruder drill
8 While secretly watching YouTube videos in class

Ha I do that all the time

9 During a Lockdown

It's worse if it's during an actual lockdown and not a drill.

10 While swimming in gym class

Especially if you are underwater, because water might go in your mouth. - saturatedsunrise

I don't swim in gym I'm in middle school still

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11 When a mental disorder student is talking

There's a bunch of mental kids next door to my class and we can hear them screaming and making weird noises outside the door. It gets so annoying, almost all the time we (including the teachers) have no choice but to laugh at it. - 4Noobs

That's messed up

12 While people are testing

I did that so many times lmao

13 When the school is on fire

That's very messed up to laugh at that

14 When you are eating or drinking.

Me so many times

15 When someone accidentally says something awkward

This has happened way too many times in my case, especially when it's the teacher who slips up. - Rocko

16 During sexual education

This one is obvious. It's fine if you're doing sex ed for the first time but then if you keep on laughing when your teacher even utters the word "penis", then you just come off as immature.

That's immature.
During the 5th grade me and my friend were laughing at a period lesson.

17 While in class
18 While your friend has an aggressive rap battle with your music teacher

This is very unlikely

19 When someone catches you talking to yourself
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