Top Ten Times You Wish You Had Another Name


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1 Everyone spells it wrong.

Lesson learned: don't write a deliberate misspelling on your child's birth certificate. I'm sure they'd love being called George, but would hate being called Jorge. - PositronWildhawk

People spell my name wrong and they pronounce it wrong too. It gets a little annoying but I still love my name. - cosmo

That's impossible because here in Serbia we write as we say

My name (Rosemarie) is uncommon and everyone spells it like Rosemary.

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2 You're one of the 23 or more kids with the same name in school.

I have a pretty uncommon name, and yet there is STILL a girl with my name, just with a different spelling (the ironic thing is that she is my friend) It gets really annoying sometimes. - Minecraftcrazy530

You can stick your head in the cafeteria in my school and scream my name and about twenty girls say, "I'm here! ". - DogsUnleashed

My name (i'm not saying) is extremely uncommon and so far no one has had my name. - cosmo

I don't want anybody to have my name, I love my name! - Ananya

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3 People find a mean nickname using your name.

People make fun of my name whenever I leave Tennessee to go somewhere. Luckily I stopped the haters at a camp I went to by slamming one of their heads into a wooden wall - letdot52

I would hate that so much! Nice list, Sofia! - Turkeyasylum

There's this kid in my school called Bartek, but everyone calls him Fartek!

4 Nobody says it right.

This is more of the case with my LAST name. Hardly anyone even knows how to say it, not even some of my friends! - Minecraftcrazy530

My name either gets spelled wrong, gets pronounced wrong, or people call me a similar name which is not my name. This is why I want to be named Tiffany. - RiverClanRocks

That's me

5 It's really uncommon.

I would actually enjoy an uncommon name because it would make me stand out from all the people named James, Noah, John, or Matt... - Turkeyasylum

I'm happy that my name is uncommon because it makes it seem special. - cosmo

My name is Ayasha and it's very uncommon
So when I have friend who has the same name as me, we become famous because our name is same - ComelCumil

6 Everyone points out how it's a celebrity name.

The boys used to say to me (I'm a girl) you know there's a boy soccer player with your name to tease me, it never worked though.

7 It has more than 12 letters.
8 It's frustrating when nobody ever remembers your name.

It's either too uncommon or too popular. - DogsUnleashed

9 Everyone calls you by another name, or your surname.

This is especially true of me because I have a common name. But my last name can work for a first name, though. - Turkeyasylum

Story of my life. - DogsUnleashed

10 It's perfectly fine in your own country, but when you're traveling, everyone spells/says it wrong.

Ever since I moved here, only 3 people have spelled my name right at first. - DogsUnleashed

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11 When you just think it's ugly
12 When someone hates your name so they make fun of it
13 When people are always calling you similar, but still wrong, names
14 When you have the same first name as someone next to you in the register
15 When a TopTenner puts your name on a top ten worst names list
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1. You're one of the 23 or more kids with the same name in school.
2. People find a mean nickname using your name.
3. Everyone spells it wrong.
1. Nobody says it right.
2. It's really uncommon.
3. Everyone spells it wrong.
1. People find a mean nickname using your name.
2. You're one of the 23 or more kids with the same name in school.
3. Everyone spells it wrong.

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