Top Ten Times You've Had the Worst Luck Ever


The Top Ten

1 Climbing on the bus then realizing you forgot your backpack

That happened to me one day in 6th grade, and that was the day I had testing!

2 Picking your top ten list and it's already been taken

That happens a lot - Ananya

3 Exited to read a new book, then someone spoils it all.

This happened just once. I've since learned not to tell my friends about any book I'm reading until I've read it - Britgirl

4 You're a person who needs glasses badly, then breaks them the day before school starts.

This is the first week of school this year. - AbduZine

5 You are starving and go to buy something, then you realize you forgot your wallet

Thank goodness for the few stray pound coins that ended up in my pockets! - Entranced98

6 You spend like an hour getting ready for something really big, then it's cancelled
7 You're in the car and you accidentally let one loose.
8 You're in the middle of reading a great book, then realize it's due today
9 You get home from the bus, and the door is locked and no one is there, then forget there's a way to get through the garage

That happened to me in the 1st grade. I couldn't lift the garage door. I climbed up the garbage containers and tried to get into the backyard through the fence since that was locked too. I only succeeded in one boot through and I heard the rumbling of the family car and saw my mom and older brother pull into the driveway and park near the garage. They saw me and helped me down, unlocked the gate and got my other boot. They closed it before the dogs could get out. It was an embarrassing experience for me, but they didn't get mad. - Pegasister12

10 You are in the middle of a game, about to win, when your mom says "turn the game off". Oh, and there's no save button're about to win...but you're in the middle of your progress?... - PositronWildhawk

Let me rephrase that. Your gonna win, your almost their, then you have to turn it off. - AbduZine

The Contenders

11 Accidentally you crush your Christmas presents

Well that sucks for anyone who has done that. - AbduZine

12 Your Internet goes down for a week
13 Getting sick in public

When I was in high school once I wasn't feeling well once then I suddenly threw up on the bus in front of everyone else and I was embarrassed by it. Also the bus driver made me clean it up.

14 When your entire family screams and yells at you

It happened to me on Dec 26, 2016. WORST. CHRISTMAS. EVER! >:(

15 When your computer freezes
16 When you spill food and drinks on your stuff
17 When you forgot about an assignment until after it was due
18 When your parents yell at you because a little kid was being annoying to you

This happens a lot during family parties

19 When you fail an assignment/test
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