Best Timmy Turner Quotes

The Top Ten Best Timmy Turner Quotes

1 I'm tired of a schedule running my life. I always have to wait for later to do what I want to do now.

Me too

2 What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong before a disaster? - cosmo

3 Uhh, internet?

I like it when he says that. His excuse when someone asks him where he got the stuff he wished for. - cosmo

4 Oh great, the Crazy one likes me.
5 (Using Wanda's voice) Cosmo you idiot! dumb? I should've married the monkey?
6 I don't care what my therapist says. I will always love you, Trixie Tang!

I hate that episode - yellowshadow

7 Wands up!
8 Hi, I'm Timmy Turner, and I cheated on my math test

One of the funniest timmy turner quotes

I though this quote was pretty funny when vicky threatened to tell his parents.

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