Top 10 Best Timothy Goes to School Characters

A list of the Canadian T.V. Series Timothy goes to School Characters. Doris is #1 on this list.

The Top Ten

1 Doris the Beaver

Oh, I hate her. - lizard302

"Hey Timothy!, come sit next to me! ". I have to say she is super duper HILARIOUS! She is like so funny that when I first watched this T.V. Show for the 1st episode I Loved her quotes like when she said" Oh Timothy!, HAHA"!, it made me laugh a lot. She is #1. She is the best :>).

2 Timothy the Raccoon

Yup the main character in this T.V. Show. If I were to be his Teacher, I would give him an A+.
Why is he here?! He should be #1! He is the best character!

3 Lily the Fox


Although forgetful I still respect her because:
1. I Felt bad for her when Doris said " Lily's forgetful"! And I felt sorry for her
2. Her laughing sounds CUTE.
3. She dosen't give up when someone gets mad at her.

4 Charles the Mouse

I Like this little man. He is cute, good-natured, and nice.

5 Frank #1

He is hilarious! Should be number one

6 Frank #2

I just love him

He is funny and always makes me laugh.

7 Claude the Raccoon
8 Yoko the Cat

She's so sweet and good-mannered

I love her because:
1. She is Japanese like one of my old classmates Taka.
2. She should be in the top 3.

9 Henry (Bus driver)
10 Mrs. Jenkins

She is the teacher of Timothy and his friends. I love her. She NEVER yells, makes a mad face, and she dosen't hate anyone!

The Contenders

11 Juanita the Cat
12 Fritz the Badger

What a smartypants. He loves Science, just like ME! I loved him when I first watched the series when I was 5. Now I am 11. I like that scientist. He is a real scientist.

13 Nora the Mouse

She is a good mouse because I like her nickname: Noisy Nora. I LOVE it when she is noisy and loud. Oh right, and she should be in the top 4.

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