Top Ten Tin Goyenda Stories

This is the list of the top ten stories from the most popular bangla juvenile detective series TIN GOYENDA.

The Top Ten

1 Jolodosyur Dwip

Undoubtedly The Greatest Juvenile Adventure Story of all time. Evergreen, mind blowing, incomparable story. Tin Goyenda Rocks - Okimuro

There's no suitable word in my dictionary to explain this story! Greatest adventure story of all time. Tin goyenda Rocks

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2 Rater Adhare
3 Pishach konna V 1 Comment
4 Vishon Auronno V 1 Comment
5 Vampirer Dwip
6 Durgom Karagar
7 Arek Frankenstein
8 Ratri Voyonkor
9 Kakatua Rohosso

I love this story too much this is my favorite story

Just mind blowing. Rakib uncle you geneious.

10 Great Musayaso

Actually its not tin goyenda type story and it reflects only musa. But it touched me most

The Contenders

11 Dokshin Jatra
12 Harano Timi

This story is one of the greatest book of Rokib sir. I just love this story

13 Mayanekre

One of the best horror story from tin goyenda. Should be at least in the 10th position.'s a great horror story

14 Rupali Makorsha

Ajob! I'm surprised to see this story is not even in the top ten. How is it possible? This is one of the best mysterious story from tin goyenda.

I also think that. This story deserve on top 10

This should be in top 5

I like it so so much

15 Ami Robin Bolchi
16 Great Kishoreoso
17 Athoi Sagor
18 Seemante Songhat
19 Nikhoj Songbaad

JUST READ IT FIRST... Then judge it. Excellent comedy, great mystery. Should be among the top 5.

20 Sagorsoikat

It is a very god story. But it is not in top ten. It should be ranked at least top 3

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