Top 10 Tips for Becoming Famous

Many people around the world dream of being in the spotlight! The lights, the money, the attention… how could anyone not want to be generally loved and appreciated by the masses? Well hopefully this list will show you ways of making that dream come true for you. As Gilderoy Lockhart from ‘Harry Potter’ once said ‘Fame is a fickle friend’

The Top Ten

Have Real Talent

Do you hear that?

It's all the artists who will never get famous! Well, not me... I hope. - keycha1n

Ironically untrue for much of modern music. - PositronWildhawk

Kill a Prostitute

Haha! I did it to lighten the mood - LoboMaloso

Invent Something
Self-Shaming On the Internet

Just make a video of you running around naked in a mall and getting chased by the police! Instant viral video! - keycha1n

Marry Someone Famous or Be Related to a Celebrity
Being In the Right Place at the Right Time

I was SO CLOSE to being on T.V. once!

(At Ocean City NJ 2014)
Me: (Sees news van parked on the boardwalk with a camera) Oh boy! (runs towards it)
Mom: Get away from the camera

Win a World Record
Copyright Theft
Reality TV
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