Top Ten Tips for Getting More Votes On a TheTopTens List

I am no genius, but since one of my lists has received over 16,000 votes, I feel I have some knowledge that is worth sharing. If anybody finds this list useful even in the slightest way possible, I'd be honored. And any kind of feedback is appreciated. If you found this list a worthless piece of poop, then do not hesitate in telling me so. Oh, and please read my comments on each item, or you won't understand any of it.

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1 Make a List On a Trending Subject

You could also get a lot of views by making a list on a trending topic. A great example is the insanely popular list "Music Artists You'd Like To Perform At The 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony". The list was created when the Olympics were about to arrive and was the most trending topic. The list has received almost a million votes. - winner333

Hmm, great list, I'll try these - PeeledBanana

2 Create Good Content and Quality

The most obvious tip of all. The list should be about something that people would be interested in viewing, not something that most people wouldn't care about.
Using good grammar and humor in a list always helps. Make sure that the list doesn't have less than ten items. - winner333

3 Your Previous Lists Matter

I first read "your precious lists matter." Anyway, if that's the case, then my lists will get no votes! I made bad lists! I mean, my lists aren't good, but they used to be even worse!

If you have made a lot of interesting lists before, the TheTopTens community will watch out for your new lists. In the time I have spent on this website, I have learned that people are always looking out for a list by the user - Britgirl. This proves that your previous lists and reputation do have some impact. - winner333

4 Create Controversial Content

Why? I would rather be unpopular with good lists (if only I could make good lists) than popular with controversial lists.

Nope, I'll pass on my lists becoming popular for the wrong reasons. - Entranced98

There's a list I made that I'm not very proud of. Because it's pretty controversial. - IronSabbathPriest

Creating a controversial list can get you a lot of hatred from people so try it out at you own risk. - winner333

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5 Place Items Cleverly

A cool trick which works a lot of times. Example:
Suppose you are making a list called "The Worst Musicians of All Time". Do not place Justin Bieber in the first position, place him 2nd or 3rd. People will vote him till he's at the top of the list. This way, a viewer who wasn't planning to vote on your list, is compelled to vote, seeing an item that should be higher but isn't. - winner333

6 Have a Unique and Witty Title

To get a lot of votes, you must make sure that a lot of people are viewing your list first. The title should be such that it catches a person's attention and makes him want to see the list. Be creative, use adjectives, make the title stand out. - winner333

7 Use Topics That Attract Wider Audiences

Try making the list about a topic that would appeal equally to all types of people.
Example: My list "Best Video Games of 2013" received over 16,000 votes. If the list I had made was "Best Horror Video Games of 2013", the list would have got lesser views and votes, since it would have attracted only gamers who like horror games. Similarly, a list like "The Best Hip Hop Songs Ever" will only attract Hip Hop fans, while a list like "The Best Songs Ever" will draw in fans of all kinds of music to vote on their favorite songs. - winner333

One of the only exceptions to this is the fact that "Best Rock Bands of All Time" has 222,000 more votes than "Top Ten Best Bands of All Time". - PeeledBanana

8 Choose a Popular Category

What about a list about TheTopTens? I love making those!

A "Music" list will generate more views and votes than a "Consumer Services" list or a "Companies and Products" list. - winner333

9 Add Lots f Items

Give the viewer a large variety of items to vote on. Make sure that he/she doesn't leave without voting because they didn't find their favorite item there. - winner333

10 Do Not Remake a List Under a Different Name

Why would people be interested in a list that they've already seen before? Be creative and make something original. - winner333

Why bother? It'll just get merged, and won't get you popular at all. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Add Justin Bieber To Your List

It wouldn't make sense on every list though. If you make a list about... let's say the most delicious food, and you add Justin Bieber on the list, would that make any sense? - Misfire

You know it's true, people on this site eat Bieber hate posts up.

12 Make Troll Lists
BAdd New Item

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1. Creating Controversial Content
2. Your Previous Lists Matter
3. Placing Items Cleverly
1. Good Content and Quality
2. Topics That Attract Wider Audiences
3. Unique and Witty Title
1. Making a List On a Trending Subject
2. Choose a Popular Category
3. Creating Controversial Content


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