Top 10 Tips for High School

High School is a very interesting place. There’s a lot of people. Here’s how you can survive without costing yourself an arm and a leg

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Do your assignments

This is probably the biggest thing that I can recommend. I get it nobody likes them but if you still do the work you will get points. Even if you don’t finish or something at least turn it in on time because some points is better than a zero. As Nike would say Just. Do. It! - Randomator

I always tried my best. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

I always did mine in high school - trains45

Yep always - 2storm

Have fun

I had fun in school sometimes joking with friends and teachers, I graduated in 2017, I miss it sometimes


You’ll be there for 4 years and then it’s all over. You’ll never be able to go back to those days again. Make sure you enjoy your high school days. Build connections and support your other classmates whether it’s football basketball choir band or anything in between

Be on time

Being on time is important anywhere. I don’t think anything drives a teacher more crazy than when you walk in late. Now sure sometimes you can’t help it but if you can be sure to get there and get your assignments in on time as well. - Randomator

Some teachers are chill about others not so much. - 2storm

I always tried to be on time when I was in high school. - Userguy44

I was always on time was hardly ever late for class - trains45

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

I did ask questions lots when I was stuck on a question at school - trains45

If you don’t understand something be sure to ask. Chances are it will appear again on a test so maybe get help from a teacher even if it means staying after school - Randomator

Yeah. - 2storm

Don’t overdo your classes

Personally, I took all AP / advanced classes. I do NOT recommend this.

True I never really overdid my classes

Yeah I'm really bad at this.

If you’re a smart person then I definitely recommend higher level AP/ Honors courses but don’t overdo it. I suggest no more than 2 advanced classes at a time. Any more than that and you will be stressing out about it. Just know your limitations. Shoot for the stars sure but don’t overshoot is what I’m saying

Try not to be absent a lot

I was hardly absent only was when I was sick or something

I try to never be absent

I know sometimes it’s inevitable but if your home skipping class you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Also if you know you will be absent be sure to let your teachers know ahead of time so they’re aware. But seriously it can hurt to miss even one class.

Join a club or sport

Like I said earlier High School is all about having fun. Enjoy your 4 years while they last because they go by quickly. Joining a club or sport is a great way to find people who have similar interests to you and a chance to meet new people as well - Randomator

Joining a club or sport can help you explore your interests and make new friends. Plus, colleges like applicants that participate in many extracurricular activities. - Atham

In Band, Basketball, Beta Club, and FCA - 2storm

Pay attention

I know it can be hard but try to at least stay awake in class otherwise you will be screwed on the test.

I always did pay attention in class sometimes distractions made it hard to pay attention

If you make a bad grade then it's your own fault.

Take advantage of college credit classes

College is hard. It’s a complicated process but a lot of schools offer concurrent credit so you don’t have to worry about doing anything except your normal class. On top of that you will get a lot of Gen Ed classes knocked out for a way cheaper price.

Yep I've taken 4 so far.

This helps to an extent...

Check your grades

If you want to do anything outside of school make sure you are on top of your grades. Make sure you have everything turned in and you are satisfied with your grades - Randomator

Yep that seems to help. I hate it when teachers won't tell me my grade when I ask. - 2storm

I did if I got to see my report card - trains45

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Develop good time management skills

These are skills you will need in life outside of school, so it's important to develop them now in order to get good grades and prepare yourself for adult life. - Atham

Don't try to impress anyone


Ignore bullying unless they physically attack you than snitch on them

This is wrong! If you are being bullied please report it... Bullying can lead to many mental and physical disabilities.

I don’t snitch. I fight.

Don't snitch if it is not something big
Don't talk bad about anyone
Don't do drugs
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