Top Ten Tips for Insecure People

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1 Notice everyone has flaws

Thank you, anonymous for an amazingly uplifting list. I have some major insecurities. Sometimes it feels like I'm alone in them. This list makes me realise I'm not. Thank you! - Britgirl

That guy with all the muscles, attractive face, and can play guitar. Guess what? He has flaws. He's just as insecure as the average person too.

2 Don't weight yourself after a shower

People tend to weigh more after they're showering

3 Don't weigh yourself after a meal

Although you can't gain fat after one meal, you gain water in your body which adds onto weight after a meal.

4 Stop looking up sad pictures on tumblr/facebook

It'll only make you feel worse. Instead, how about a walk outside or even look up the "recovery" or "confidense" tags.

5 Smile

You look a lot better when you do, not that looks matter

Listen to the SMiLE album too. - PetSounds

6 Remember that weight has nothing to do with health

Oh, that's good news to hear. I'm round about 210 pounds, I've sometimes been questioning my weight but it's because of muscle too, hopefully I'll be able to work that muscle out...

I know a girl who weighs 150 pounds and it's all because of muscle, she's pretty short too. Don't listen to the BMI scale, it's crap. It doesn't measure the amount of muscle you have or the body type you have!

7 Eat when you're hungry

What if I have no grasp on my hunger and alternate between forgetting to eat for days and binging on peanut butter and hot chocolate powder to feel less alone? More advice needed.

Hungry in between meals? Most people are, and you're even supposed to eat in between meals. Just not a bunch. Don't eat until you're full, but eat untill you're not hungry. Calories aren't the enemy, they are fuel for the body!

8 Remember you aren't alone

That's the thing you shouldn't ever forget at the times when you're really down. - Kiteretsunu

Nobody is alone, nobody.

9 Surround yourself with people/things you love

Being surrounded by happy people, kinda makes the happiness contagious. If you don't have friends, that's perfectly okay! Do something you love doing!

That's true, but isn't it better to be with someone else than it is to be by yourself?

10 Forgive yourself

Did you binge? Did you hurt yourself? Do you feel guilty about it? Don't. The past is the past, everyone makes mistakes. It's normal, it's healthy, it's what makes us human. Forgive yourself.

I've learned to forgive myself. It took over 3 monts but I did it

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11 Call a suicide hotline if necessary

It will definitally help..

I have called them it felt good they listened to me. I was suicidal :( - Getovait

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