Top Ten Tips for Making a Blog Post Series On TheTopTens

As room 101 climbs up to 7th on the best blog post series list, and I go to 3rd on the best post writers list, I feel as if I know a little about how to make a good post series.

The Top Ten

1 Be original.

This is what I try to do, but sometimes I get a bit carried away and tweak some other blog post series episodes. I think I'm improving though! - Powerfulgirl10

Originality is what makes blog post better. - Delgia2k

If you want to make a rant series, then don't do (Username here) rants. Do it something more creative, such as this random one I thought up of that I may use if I ever decide to start a rant series, "DarkenedRantality". You don't have to follow that same thing, but if your username was BigFatMomma78, you could make a series called, "Big Fat Rants! ", not saying you should do that.

I'm not surprised to find this at number one. After all, he did make a blog pos called "Be Original! " - Songsta41

2 Not too over the top.

The thing what lets down series like velitecabel rages is that he went too full on. Take a step back, especially if you are new, and take it easy. Then, maybe start to build up your series without sounding like an idiot, then you will master your series, especially for rant series. - gemcloben

3 Do not limit your audience

Unfortunately that would mean I have so little original ideas to talk about.

My biggest mistake. I make a log of posts about big brother and thrash metal, but only fans of that can read it! That is why my thrash posts only get comments from ironsabbathpriest and my BB ones don't get any at all. Make it something we can all relate to. - gemcloben

4 Don't try to be funny, just be yourself.

Staying true to you can really help you express your ideas in a much better fashion.

Oh, I fail at that. I fail my tests at school too, but let’s not talk about that. - sadical

This is why I wouldn't put in a Master of Puppets album review, that the title track is the best song. I do not find Master of Puppets the best Metallica song in that album, and is probably one of my least favorite 80s songs due to how insanely overrated an average Metallica song is. I mean, The Four Horsemen, Phantom Lord, Seek and Destroy, Fight Fire With Fire, Ride the Lightning, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fade to Black, Trapped Under Ice, Creeping Death, The Call of Ktulu, Battery, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Disposable Heroes, Leper Messiah, Orion, Blackened, Eye of the Beholder, One, The Frayed Ends of Sanity, To Live is to Die, and Dyers Eve are all better songs than Master of Puppets.

I feel like lots of the reality contest parody's try too hard to be funny and try to force humor way too much. To be honest, just because a character makes a religion out of Luigi, doesn't mean everyone's going to laugh.

5 Right place right time.

As TheTopTens lacks a type of series, you can make that series. For example, there wasn't many video game reviews before old RPG reviews, so he made it at the right time. Or, as a type post series starts to grow in popularity, make that series, therefore it will be always a pioneer of that type, and that is all down to timing. - gemcloben

6 Put your own distinctive writing style in it.

I hate it when I get half way through a blog and forget who wrote it. I need to read a blog, without reading the username and know exactly who wrote it. - gemcloben

Why is it that my blogs, gemcloben's blogs, SuperHyperdude's blogs and the likes each stand out? It's because we each let our personalities through it, and it is that which makes us each unique bloggers. If your passion and power aren't in it, not only is it too generic, it is also dull. With that said, don't convey the same idea over and over, or others will see the writer, and not just the blogs themselves, as those qualities. - PositronWildhawk

7 Make references to other things in thetoptens.

Not always a good idea. If you really want to shine, refer to something that a general audience member can understand. Newcomers to this site may not understand things that go on on TheTopTens; for all they know, this is just another blog, by just another rando with internet access. Refer to something that has left a big impact and/or legacy in the outside world, and more people will be intrigued by the discussion. - PositronWildhawk

Include a little references, maybe to users wars, personality traits of certain users and things like that, or else our usernames are just words instead of us. - gemcloben

8 Post about things TopTenners like

Flame wars and complaining about opinions which lead to flame wars. Not something I'm an expert at cracking down sadly.

If you ever want to make a popular post series, make sure it's something that'll catch the average TopTenner's eye. - Songsta41

9 Be professional.

Keep calm, and do not to angry. Sure, genuine passion helps, but try to keep as professional as you can while still getting your point across. That is how I made room 101. - gemcloben

10 Take your time

But don't procrastinate! I wish I could stay true to that more often!

I have posts (like my sleep-deprived ones) which take less than an hour, and then others like my debate one which took days. Really, go with what you feel like writing because I'm a huge believer that you can't create something good that you don't want to do. - keycha1n

Like 6 hours!

I am a very impatient writer, but my posts are rushed. Users like positronwildhawk take weeks. - gemcloben

Not always. Sometimes I have taken a week or so, but there are some which I finished in a few hours. Nevertheless, I take my time, like every perfectionist should. If you throw the information about too quickly, it can become disorganised, and maybe even unreadable and different from the point. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 Don't let people ask you too many questions on your Q&A post.
12 Don't be too biased.

Despite having a personal standpoint, my post on the death penalty looked at every point from each side. Writing that definitely helped strengthen my skill to look at the whole picture rather than my opinions. - keycha1n

A good rant series looks at both sides instead of just whining on. It gets boring and repetitive. - gemcloben

13 Don't message everyone about your series

Let them come to you. It may take time, but it'll be worth it.

That is a thing. I didn't write any HQ post or didn't send anyone message about it. But still I get some comments. Even if I don't get any comment still I won't send a single message to users to see my list (except if its too emergency or serious case). - zxm

Because then you'll sound like a telemarketer. - RiverClanRocks

14 Use proper spelling and grammar

"was one of the most commented on posts..." - admin

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