Top Ten Tips for a Strong Relationship


The Top Ten

1 Trust is almost as important as love itself

Trust is crucial to a Strong Relationship! In many ways trust is needed! - Curti2594

It's difficult sometimes. It took me a long time to trust again, but I'm there now.
Lovely list, EvilAngel. - Britgirl

2 He/She shouldn't be punished for her past

Allow them to explain their past without getting scolded for it - Curti2594

3 Saying "I love you" once per day is more effective than saying it twenty times

This could also depend on what kind of relationship as in do you live near each other or Far Away. - Curti2594

4 He/She is more important than money

If one is truly in love than he/she is much more important than anything else - maverick88

Damn Rights
Money is important a bit when it comes to a relationship but if ever the $ is in-front of the Lover then somethings not working. - Curti2594

5 Your differences should be worked on

No need for the big old fights you see all the time on T.V. cause they don't like the same music as an example! If I like something she doesn't but would like her to know aboot then just introduce it and do not shove it down there throats!

Also though don't just be contempt on her not understanding why you like so & so. Explain it to her or maybe attempt to see if she likes it too & vise versa - Curti2594

6 Compliment him/her often

I love nothing more than giving compliments to the one I love it makes me feel great! - Curti2594

7 Make him/her laugh

You gotta make each other laugh. if you both can tickle each others funny bones then it's strong! - Curti2594

8 Try to get on with their family
9 Give Proper Respect
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