10 Tips for Surviving the ACT/SAT

For any high school students out there who plan to apply to college, acing the SAT or the ACT is the best way to boost your chances of admission! Whether you choose to take the SAT or the ACT, you will want to use similar study techniques and test prep strategies. These high-pressure, nearly four-hour long tests take a lot of preparation, but there are a few ways to increase your ability to score well.

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1 Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to guarantee a higher score for yourself is to start a consistent practice and prep schedule, and then stick with it! Consistency is the key to improving your score, so start studying now and make it a habit. - originstutoring

I went to prep and now, I'm not even stressed. No stress whatsoever. My SAT is in 2 days. LOL. But I did really well on their tests which were at the same level or harder. I'm kind of excited.

2 Don’t Give Up
3 Work With a Tutor
4 Read Essay Prompts

The SAT has an essay section, and the ACT has an optional essay section. The easiest way to prepare for writing an essay on the spot is by looking at old prompts and practicing how you would outline an essay on that topic. The most important things to remember are to make sure that your essay argues something, and to write about relevant personal/historical events that you can use as evidence for your thesis. - originstutoring

5 Take Practice Tests
6 Take Care of Yourself Before Test Day
7 Get Yourself a Test Prep Book

This thing helped me in every possible way. Better buy a good one. - Kiteretsunu

8 Take a Diagnostic Test
9 Study Important Vocab

On both the SAT and the ACT, many reading comprehension questions will depend on your knowledge of extensive vocabulary. The best way to build up your vocabulary is to read frequently, but you can also use test prep flashcards if you want to do extra review. There are also some dedicated test prep books that have lists of vocabulary words to memorize: learn as many as you can. - originstutoring

10 Sign Up for the SAT/ACT Question of the Day
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