Tips of Getting Through Virtual School

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1 Take small frequent breaks

Do it every now and then every virtual school day as you're treating virtual school like actual school by taking certain courses on specific times frames. Though you don't want to get overwhelmed, overworked, worried and stressed because your system and your brain can't be inputted more info and it can't take it anymore when being stressed under fire. Just take a break for once and relax all the time you need. But not too much though.

I agree. Although sometimes I would use my lunchtimes to finish off an essay that was due.

This list seems helpful thank you

2 Get your work done

Luckily for me, I will not get penalized (basically points taken off) for such overdue activities just like how they done it in the actual school. The overdue activities as a matter of fact acts as a pacing guide and it's rather very useful of not getting stressed so much and the necessity of getting work done. If you just skipped and doze off a bunch of assignments that are just past the deadline though you're given a few days and still haven't done it, then you're in deep trouble and it will get you more stressed when it's getting towards the end of your 1st semester or throughout your school year. Keep working and get good grades no matter what including excused absences and that you're sick.

3 Don't procrastinate often

I'm easily guilty of this because I myself can't resist the slightest bit of procrastination and I just procrastinate anyway. Thankfully, not too much though. If you procrastinate more often, it will greatly damage your progress and it will get in your way of surviving through virtual school. Don't do it too much and you'll greatly regret the consequences you have to bear with.

4 Be committed to your schoolwork

Basically getting things no matter what. The definition of that is working very hard and is willing to overcome every obstacle that's standing on your way. Just getting the job done by any means necessary.

5 Stay organized

This is the trait I am most flawed at when it comes to school. That's why I put this way down on my list. I don't often organize my notes very well and I often don't remember where my papers are at and that may be the reason other than the fact I have a poor memory of where I place things at of why I'm not really organized. Despite of how quite disorganized I am (which I'm TRYING to improve), I tend to be one of the top students and I tend to have good grades. So yeah, it makes it so much easier when it comes to tests and quizzes and that's how you can get ahead of your game.

6 Get good sleep

You don't want to get tired when it comes to waking up for Virtual School. It's very important if you treat the amounts of sleep you get and waking up and preparing for the right time to start out your virtual school day like your actual school. Though I tend to contradict of this tip. I tend to wake up quite early mostly of my insomniac cases and some at other times because of my alarm. I wake up early because I want to take advantage of my classes and get more work done. However, I fail to do this because I feel like I have little done because of how I just slacked off a lot of my time. Nevertheless, I try to get plenty of work done as best as I can.

7 Meditate the night before virtual school

I have done this the night before my first day of virtual school. I not only do it because I'm stressed and so anxious of my first day but rather because someone ruined my mood and made my blood boil all because of my roleplaying as Tony Montana. So I guess meditating before any virtual school day will help you feel less stressed and maybe a bit more focused. Y'know, to get the stress off your back. It's actually soothing and really good. That could also work for actual school.

8 Avoid your electronics until you get all your schoolwork done

To further more reducing procrastination and getting your work done and your mind focused only on your schoolwork. It's simple and a very good tip to keep yourself rolling in your own productive train focusing only on schoolwork and getting plenty of work done until you can relax all the time you want at the end of the day.

*avoids electronics while on online school*

9 Be confident in what you do

Worrying about your answers to quizzes and tests and even a few assignments indicates you lack confidence. Don't overthink and beat yourself up too much just because you worry of not having all the right answers or that you might fail. Failure is a natural aspect we all experience. At least failure will make you improve and nurture you into a stronger student as long as you learned and how to cope with failure by learning not to make another and another. That's the point of failure: Making you stronger and getting adapted better to your new environment and the way of working in virtual school. Same goes for actual school.

Anxiety grabs away your ability to think straight, as self confidence is the counterattack.

10 Take good notes

Notes are the most essential part when it comes to passing quizzes and tests. Some unique individuals don't need notes and they can handle tests and quizzes on their own. But just take notes Every time you're studying Because you'll never know what's coming at you, which you'll later regret not taking notes or barely taking notes. But don't copy too many notes where it's starts to get overwhelming of writing a lot and processing a lot of info. That's why jotting down notes makes it much easier and soothes your mind about note taking when it comes to studying before tests and quizzes. To me, study guides aren't the most efficient because when we have to review over the study guide, they almost always never include the answers when it comes to the questions we'll stumble upon. That happened to me a few times and that's why I take as many notes as I can. Though I have a great memory when it comes to studying a bit, I tend to always get A's on tests and I'm one of the top students in my ...more

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