Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Good Atheist

Atheists get a bad rap for being rude, ignorant and close-minded. If you wanna be a good atheist, then try following these tips listed below. I guarantee you that they will help you in life.

The Top Ten Tips on How to Be a Good Atheist

1 Respect Everyone's Beliefs

No. I don't respect others beliefs. Why? If they are immoral or wrong. I will argue against them not on them, but on the belief - ARandomPerson

If you really don't want to be close-minded, then simply respect others' beliefs. You don't necessarily have to agree with them but at least respect them.

I am athiest but I do go to Asian temples with my mom and cousins and aunts and uncles and pray with them.

I’m an atheist and all of these are impossible

2 Know That You Can't Prove That God Exists, But Also You Can't Prove That He Doesn't Exist

The burden of proof is on Christians, and since they haven't had any conclusive pieces of evidence, the most logical route is to say God doesn't exist - ARandomPerson

But that is merely you looking through your own atheist lens and seeing what you personally want to see. I could literally parrot that exact same statement and it wouldn't be any more true. "The burden of proof is on Atheists, and since they haven't had any conclusive pieces of evidence, the most logical route is to say God does exist." Creationists have been presenting evidence of God and design in nature for centuries, you merely are too afraid or close minded to look at it. - GrimmShady

It's true. Nobody can know if a God exists or not. That's why we all still hold different beliefs. Let's keep in mind that we should stick to whatever belief makes us comfortable as long as we're not harming anybody.

This agnostic ideology, not atheist ideology, they are different

The reason I added this item is because I'm saying that atheists should be more open-minded when it comes to God. They don't have to believe in him at all but they should at least keep an open mind.

3 Be Open-Minded

Keeping an open-mind is important. You don't have to agree with a person's opinions but be more open-minded to different ideas around you. That way you don't stick to just one idea cause sticking with one idea can get pretty boring at times (like I said though, you don't have to agree with different opinions so please don't bandwagon).

4 Understand That Since You Believe You Only Live Once, Don't Waste It By Committing a Crime

The atheist believes that he only lives once. And if he committed some sort of felony, his one shot at life would be ruined by spending forever in jail. Don't get yourself in trouble with the law.

No, not going against the law is just the basic decent thing to do regardless of what you affiliate as

You clearly don't understand that this list is trying to tell people to become better atheists. I'm already aware that there's bad people everywhere no matter what you believe in. I'm not trying to attack any religious people.

5 If You're Going to Tell Someone That You Don't Think God is Real, Then Use as Much Tact as Possible

Tact is something we should all have. So if you're going to criticize someone's beliefs, make sure you're not a complete d*ck about it. It just makes you look nasty.

6 Don't Spend Your Life Hating on God

You're not an atheist if you hate God. If anything you're a misotheist. A misotheist is a person who hates God. Now those are the type of people who wanna try to kill God, not atheists.

That’s an anti-theist, atheists don’t hate god

7 Keep a Good Reputation

I know I've said this many times but it really is true. A good rap really should matter to all of us.

8 Do Good Things

If you wanna break the stereotype that all atheists are heartless a**holes then simply do good deeds like helping the poor or washing a car or whatever. That way people will respect you a lot more.

9 Be Nice

Don't make fun of religious people who are not nutters
Only the nutters would go to places like Ark Encounter, use CapAlert for movie reviews and take them seriously, read chick tracts, join Rapture Ready and make a letter for Rapture Letters and least but not last May 21st 2011.

How would you like it if someone was incredibly rude to you? It sucks I know. Being rude isn't a productive way of living so what's the point of being rude to people? Life's too short to be rude.

10 Point Out the Fallacies that Christians Often Use

The Contenders

11 Don't Be Negative

Nobody likes a negative person. Negativity will just ruin your happiness and self-esteem. Try to find different ways to deal with your situations so you can overcome them and not let them take control of you.

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