Top Ten Tips On How to Be a Good TopTenner

Want to be a good programmer, well then I will give you some helpful tips on your journey to become a great toptenner like Kitserunu, Britgirl and PositrinWildhawk.

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1 Have a Sense of Humour

I guess people like me here, so kindness doesn't really matter at this point. - MoldySock

I am not that much of the comedian on this site. - AnimeDrawer

Example:hey look at hitter,he's quickscoping the koolaid man while riding a dolphin! SO! SWEGGY! MUM GET THE CAMERA,oh wait,we don't have a camera,were hobos - Nateawesomeness

I often like to be funny. Here is a joke I made up.
Dave:What is your name?
Billy:Um, Billy...
Dave:Nope, I do not care! - AnimeDrawer

2 Be Positive
3 Be Kind

What I do, even if they are users I do not get along with that well. - AnimeDrawer

I be kind to people if they are being kind to me. - funnyuser

Being kind can also help you get a friend - lovingicecreams

4 Be Original

I am not very original, I just run out of ideas. - AnimeDrawer

5 Be Honest to Things

I try to be honest most of the time. - AnimeDrawer

6 Don't Troll Other Users V 1 Comment
7 Give Credibility
8 Be Yourself V 1 Comment
9 Don't Be a Bully

I would no way never want to bully anyone. - AnimeDrawer

10 Be Supportive

I do support things like Therandom becoming the admin of this site. - AnimeDrawer

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11 Don't Make Repetitive Lists
12 Agree With Comments
13 Do Not Be Shy

A rather difficult thing to do for me, but I'm trying to get mor social - FireWasp2004

14 Use Your Imagination

I often try to use my imagination to come up with creative things. - AnimeDrawer

15 Don't Plagiarize Lists
16 Check Words You Misspelled

In this site, I check almost everything I write 10x - FireWasp2004

17 Accept Others' Opinions
18 Visit Daily

I do visit daily. - turtwig

19 Follow Many Users
20 Accept Criticism

People doesn't realize it but, it helps you on improving. - MostTalented_BoyX

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1. Be Honest to Things
2. Don't Troll Other Users
3. Agree With Comments
1. Be Original
2. Don't Be a Bully
3. Be Yourself
1. Accept Criticism
2. Be Yourself
3. Don't Troll Other Users

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