Top Ten Tips On How to Be a Good TopTenner

Want to be a good programmer, well then I will give you some helpful tips on your journey to become a great toptenner like Kitserunu, Britgirl and PositrinWildhawk.

The Top Ten Tips On How to Be a Good TopTenner

1 Accept Others' Opinions

Ok I will you guys are awesome and I mean it from the heart(I'm a boy) - SEEyalater

Exactly. If someone doesn't even like what I like, what I would do is respect their opinion. What I wouldn't do is defend my favorite movie, song, etc. Why? Because why do I care? I didn't make it, I'm not friends with the person who made it, and he/she has never done anything for me.

"You gotta respect my opinion or else I'll get mad! " - aqua84

I Do And Some How I Am Still Horrible - Oliversky

2 Have a Sense of Humour

A good example: Excuse me, but a toxic apple moose is riding a fire breathing Shiba Inu while yelling out "I FEEL SO ALIVE! " and singing Hallelujah with an oak tree giving birth to a red fox made of peanuts. - IceFoxPlayz

I guess people like me here, so kindness doesn't really matter at this point. - MoldySock

I am not that much of the comedian on this site.

Learn to take a joke - Randomator

3 Be Original

It can be hard sometimes but trust me being original gets you a lot more respect as long as your content is good and original - Randomator

I wish I could do this! I really want to be a good user!

I am not very original, I just run out of ideas.

That's not me - Userguy44

4 Accept Criticism

People doesn't realize it but, it helps you on improving. - MostTalented_BoyX

Constructive criticism is good. - Userguy44

Yes. - Randomator

5 Give Credibility
6 Be Kind

What I do, even if they are users I do not get along with that well.

I be kind to people if they are being kind to me. - funnyuser

Well, duh, obviously.

Piez would disagree. - Userguy44

7 Be Honest to Things

Trolls in a nutshell - Userguy44

I try to be honest most of the time.

8 Be Positive

"stay positive! "

Looking at you Disney 1994

9 Ignore Haters

Ignoring haters can be worth it.

Hell yeah! - Luckys


10 Don't Focus on How Many Followers You Have

I can't help it but I look everyday to my followers - Userguy44

Followers are pretty pointless anyway. - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Make Good and Interesting Lists

Yeah at least put some effort into it. Don't just say it’s overrated. Explain - Randomator

12 Be Yourself

Don't be afraid to share your own opinions. We always need variety - Randomator

Yes. - Userguy44

I try - Luckys

13 Don't Be Mean
14 Visit Daily

I do this! Does that make me a good user?

I do visit daily. - turtwig

15 Don't Be a Bully

I would no way never want to bully anyone.

16 Don't Make Repetitive Lists

Try to have some variety - Randomator

17 Be Supportive

People here just try to get you to change your opinion on things. - Luckys

I do support things like Therandom becoming the admin of this site.

18 Do Not Troll

Correction: Do not be a bad troll. Fixed it for you - Randomator

19 Brainstorm Making Your Lists
20 Make Few Mistakes
21 Use Your Imagination

I often try to use my imagination to come up with creative things.

22 Don't Troll Other Users

Some trolls are okay though - Randomator

Trolls are great people. - Userguy44

I do not troll, but I do sarcasm.

Sarcasm "IS" trolling.

23 Do Not Be Shy
24 Don't Hate Because Someone Hates What You Like
25 Don't Plagiarize Lists
26 Make Friends

I’m always scared to message people and never have anything to say so I don’t do this - sadical

27 Do Not Be Arrogant
28 Don't Make Ways to Kill Lists
29 Don't Copy Lists From Other Websites
30 Only Use 1 Account

I have a backup account that I never use - sadical

It’s fine to have a backup in case you get suspended but there’s no reason to use one because it just causes confusion - Randomator

31 Help Users Spread Positive Messages
32 Don't Get Jealous of Other Users
33 Be Nice to the Admin

Even though he Sucks - Randomator

Self explanatory. - Userguy44

34 Don't Like Justin Bieber

Wow, he isn't that bad anymore like 10 years ago. - Luckys

Imagine hating an irreverent and mediocre music artist - Randomator

Of course this would be on here... why do I even bother? - Misfire

Just stop. Please. lol - TheFourthWorld

35 Respect Other Countries
36 Don't Like Barney
37 Don't Bandwagon On Other People's Opinions

Bandwagoners are so annoying - Randomator

38 Always Upload Images to Your Lists

I want to but I just worried about someone getting angry over copyright.

Since other users can't upload images to lists they haven't made, always make sure your own list has pictures.

39 Don't Make Hate Post About Other Users
40 Stay Away from Lists that Don't Concern You
41 Make Lots of Lists

Not good advice. Quality over quantity - Randomator

42 Make Lists People Like
43 Put Detailed Description In Objective Lists
44 Don't Be Narcissistic
45 Respect All Users

User: I want to join Joseph Stalin in murdering puppies.
Other user: I don't personally agree with that, but I respect your opinion. - windowslottery

Correction: most users, because some users like Piplup aren't that great. - Userguy44

46 Don't Use A Gimmick
47 Give New Lists A Chance
48 Make Non-Violent Lists
49 Be Friendly

Nothing wrong with being nice - Randomator

50 Agree With Comments

What if you don't? Should you pretend to agree, then? - Misfire

Nope nothing wrong with disagreeing - Randomator

I disagree. - Luckys

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