My Tips for The New Users

Since I'm a 1 year member of this site, I want to share the characteristic that I think would make a user good, and I have a lot of experience on this website.

Some users may disagree with me but this is just my opinion and I want to make a guide for visitors who want to be users

If someone attacked you, don't send them death threats, send them a good response
You a probably a nice person on most users here on this website but you can't avoid someone hating you or attacking you. But when a user attacted you, don't act like you are immature, act lik your mature and make a good response to them, just don't send them death threats because it makes you look like you're immature who can't take insults, don't let insult affect you. Show them that he/she/they take the L(loser) and you take the W (winner).

Use your imagination and inspiration
I know it's easy to run out of ideas but some user's list may inspire you to do the quite similar list by them with a different topic and credit them, you can turn the things that happens to you in to a list or post, imagine some weird things that could possibly happen, use your creative imagination for your list and post, show all users that even if their is a billion list on this website (to be honest, I don't want that too many list on this website) you will still have ideas.

Don't try to be something that you're not
If you know that you're not funny but still try too hard to be funny, users will think that you're annoying, but if you know that you're not funny and don't try too hard to be funny users will like you even if you're not funny. Trying too hard to be something that you're not makes you annoying because you don't show the real you, if you like something that is hated to this website don't be affraid to say that you like it, if someone attacked you don't let him/her/they stop you for liking what you like. Just be yourself.

Don't share some private information of other people on this website
I think you might be out of your mind if you think it's a good idea to share your private information on this website so I didn't add that on this post. You may think it's a good idea to share the private informaton about the people that you hate on this website, but no it's not, users will hate you if you do that because privacy is privacy you shouldn't share them even if you hate that person so much.

Be interesting
Don't make your content uninteresting because users think you're a boring user and their is nothing special about you (I think you can be still not boring even if you're not funny just be interesting) talk about the topics that you think are interesting, make interesting content, make a lot of things that are interesting

Be smart
If you think that you are not really smart, don't stress yourself too much to be too smart, just have some common sense, i think this is important because when a user has a problem you can help him/her and you can prevent yourself for doing stupid stuffs

Don't retire for stupid reasons
I understand why a lot of users retire, the reasons are mostly lost of interest on this website, focusing more on studies, etc..
But when you retire for stupid reasons like you realized this website don't give you money, your favorite user retires, you think this is a dating site etc. I think you should think of a good reason to retire, because if you retire for stupid reasons users will think you are stupid and you don't know anything about this website

I didn't put "be nice", "be mature","be friendly" because I think that that is so basic and common for advice for new users and of course you need to do the basic steps to be a good user. These post is just for extra tips on how to be a good toptenner, so this is just my personal opinion on what makes a user good, If you don't agree with me, then it's okay for me.

Thank you for reading this post and I wish I help some new users on this website because if I don't I waste my time for nothing but writing a pointless post. Thank you


Good advice. - Cyri