Top Ten Tips to Live to Be 100 Years Old


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1 Never Drink Beer and Wine

One glass of wine has a lot of health benefits! One glass... - keycha1n

A glass of wine A DAY. Don't spread misinformation.

2 Don't Have Sex

Sometimes when you have sex, it can cause HIV/AIDS. And there are no cure for HIV or AIDS. - Mumbizz01

Safe sex my dear safe sex

3 Don't Eat Junk Food
4 Play Sports
5 Don't Smoke

This will cause Lung Cancer if you keep smoking. - Mumbizz01

Every time you smoke, you will loose 1 hour of your life

6 Don't Play the Computer All Day

If you play this too much. You will get brain cancer at age 40 or higher. - Mumbizz01

7 Visit the Doctor Every Year

Sorry if I spelled the name wrong, but you will need to visit the doctor every year to see if your body is safe or not. - Mumbizz01

8 Don't Talk to Strangers
9 Be Single

If you're single, then you will not waste your money on buying something for your wife or husband. - Mumbizz01

Yeah because I'll die early if I don't buy stuff for a spouse. What flawed logic.

Aughh! This is even worse!

Great list otherwise - CityGuru

10 Drink Water Every Day

That would be wise. - CityGuru

I can do this! :D - IronSabbathPriest

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11 Tell Jorgen to Kiss You
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