Tips to Prevent Sea Bears


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1 Don't play the clarinet
2 Never wave your flashlight back and forth really fast

Flashlights are their natural prey - LizardKing99

3 Don't stomp around

They take that as a challenge - LizardKing99

4 Don't ever eat cheese
5 Never wear a Sombrero in a goofy fashion
6 No clown shoes
7 No hoop skirts
8 Never screech like a chimpanzee
9 Draw a circle in the dirt and sit in the center

Not an oval. It has to be a circle - bobbythebrony

10 No running, limping or crawling

And most of all...don't be Squidward. - Garythesnail

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1. Don't play the clarinet
2. Never wave your flashlight back and forth really fast
3. Don't stomp around


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