Top 10 Tips to Prevent Yourself From Being Awkward

People here have society problems. Maybe you would find a jerk that wants to ruin your day while you get more angry at your friends. But what about being awkward? That's a big problem! No offense here, but if you want to stop being awkward, here's the list for you.

The Top Ten

1 Don't Creep on People

People that do this stuff are just creepy. Start going with the positives of your life and you will be fine. - LightningStrike

2 Stop Being Shy

This is a very well put together list. I seriously struggle with social problems, and its just stupid. Who cares what other think of me. - TheHabsFan

I just don't want to talk to people the majority of the time. They're just too loud and they just insult you. - SirSheep

The best way to stop being shy is to act more calm and awake. And for the most part, acting positive. Find it hard? Get the right sleep. - LightningStrike

I don’t disagree, but I don’t necessarily agree with this list either. It’s not easy to stop being shy, or to acknowledge your feelings, or to become more confident. It’s an alright list, but almost impossible to actually follow. - mistyglow

3 Realize that You are Not Alone

Yeah! Nobody's alone. You got people in your life that care about you. If you want to be more popular, you gotta be cool and chill. - LightningStrike

4 Acknowledge Your Feelings

Realize what kind of things you done that made you negative. And think about how to prevent that. - LightningStrike

5 Focus on Positives

That's what I am trying to do, I'm a guy that is more open to the positivity and less the negativity. - yamionthetrap

Well, this is TheTopTens. It's all about opinions and stuff. Am I trying to kick people out? No! - LightningStrike

6 Learn to Relax

Best way to do this is to get the right amount of health and sleep. You'll be more positive in no time. - LightningStrike

7 Use Self Talk but Not Out Loud

I do this a lot. I have a very creative imagination. And make sure you stay positive while doing it too. - LightningStrike

8 Increase Your Confidence

Yeah. Be cool and chill. Stay more awake and focus on your positive destination. You will be more confident in no time. - LightningStrike

9 Use Prosocial Body Language

Don't be physically rude to people because that's not cool. Better physical kindness makes better friendship - LightningStrike

10 Be Kind to Yourself

Well, I don't disagree with you on this one, but that is the heavy problem with people like me. I have a neutral and introverted personality and of course, I have thoughts like that of what you've mentioned. But in the same time, I have to be kind from myself, so in that way, the negative influence will be reduced. So that must be something most of the people need to fix for, even because of their personalities that is hard to maintain in the positive side (bipolar, antisocial, introverted). You are right. - yamionthetrap

"I'm stupid! I know nothing! " Well, let's talk about it. - LightningStrike

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