Tips to Stay Safe on Roblox

Hey guys!!! I'm just gonna give you tips to not to get involved with hackers on Roblox and tips to make you safe!!

The Top Ten Tips to Stay Safe on Roblox

1 If you are scared if someone will hack you use a stronger password


And actually you should use a stronger password for every game or social media app you own so you don't get hacked. But this goes for Roblox too. Don't use passwords like pink123 because that it's easy to get and you can get hacked easily. Use passwords that have 12 letters in it or use a password generator if you can't think of one. You might want to consider changing your password to a strong one at least once or twice a month or every two months

2 Don't give anyone your password

I always hate it when they spam friend request you.

Even if it's a close friend or a friend don't give anyone your password. It is not ROBLOX's fault if you give someone your password and lose your account.But if you do have the email connected to your account change it immediately. Don't trust people saying that they will give you because or robux if you also don't know them.

3 Report the hacker to roblox's email

Although reporting the hacker in game probably doesn't work just email the hacker's name and what they did on Roblox to It does take a while for them to give you a supportive answer. But maybe this tip isn't useful if ROBLOX does nothing about it.

4 Don't fall for the spams

The spams on Roblox in groups or on designing clothes that say they will give you robux is fake. If they give you a link to make you get free BBC robux or something else don't fall for it. It's just spam and you should just buy robux yourself because it's not going to work and it's bad if you just lose your account because of it

5 Never trust games that ask for your password and username for robux or hats.

Games that ask for your password or username basically are asking for your account. No this is important NEVER TRUST GAMES LIKE THIS lots of people on Roblox actually lose their account because of this so you should never do trust those types of games

6 Besides reporting the hacker leave the game.

It's best to leave the game if the hacker did something really bad because you don't want to get hacked. Also recent games that get hacked a lot you should stop playing. You just never know one day you could be hacked. Games that get hacked a lot might of been shut down already or still on but that is still bad.

7 Don't download any roblox generators or any websites that give you free robux because it doesn't work

Even all those comments on the phishing websites that say it works it doesn't. It's fake and all those websites are called phishing websites. They try to make it look real but it isn't. Don't fall for phishing websites! If you want a better explanation search it on YouTube.

8 If you have a friend that might be a hacker defriend them now or a hacker trying to add you decline it.

This is a other way to say safe so they don't ask you for your password or don't hack you or anything. But since you actually can't tell don't friend too much people that have bad names or inappropriate or users that don't have clothes on or I don't know.

9 If you don't want a hacker to find you change your username

Although it does cost 1,000 robux it is worth the robux. That way the hacker you had seen before won't remember you if you see them again

10 Only friend people you know in real life

Expensive though! (not really, but you know what I mean) - BloodFang

That's a rule in my family. And not just Roblox, for every online game I play. - PhoenixAura81

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11 Add your parents email

My parents told me to delete my roblox because their was "play now" roblox ads and they blamed it on the game. Smh, so much proof that this is mistaken for hacking, 1, add parents email, 2, it's a normal thing on the Internet, and 3, don't just admit it fast! Please tell your parents before this happens! Otherwise you don't want to miss roblox anyways. Believe me, I like roblox and it's the only really fun thing I have and I could not believe I lost it.

12 Just buy robux

Robux is your robloxian cells! Tell your parents to buy robux because it's no point without it. If you parents say "oh you will use it up for just that" just tell them to but cool stuff, believe me, when I said the word "buy in that sentence, they admitted money, so please! Do not be that guy like me who loses socialism every second because of too cautious things!

This is probably the only hardest way because your parents or you might not have money to afford it but this is probably the only way to stop you from asking random players or friends for robux so you don't lose your account. You might want to not waste all your robux so you don't trust websites spams or any person. Stay safe!

13 Don’t start hating on someone you barely know

80% of the community

14 Don’t expose your age

80% kids will do this with out even knowing it

15 If someone is bullying you, leave the game.

I have to leave the game in order to not experience depression.

16 Don't piss off roblox with the email contact
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