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21 Keep Your Operating System Updated

A new update sent out by Microsoft or Apple is like road map into your computer for hackers and viruses. They are openly exposes the chinks in their armor by creating these updates, so by being sure to download and install them at your first opportunity is a quick and easy way to stay safe.

This should be run often or automatically be set to update daily. - dwconcepts

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22 Only Visit Trustworthy Websites

Know about the fundamentals of new websites you want to visit

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23 Don't Click Everything On the Screen

A surefire way to avoid any danger. This is exactly what I do and it's been working perfectly for me.

Why would you do this to begin with?

Must resist the urge

But I click on this Am I have virs nao?

24 Get a Mac

I raged about how Chrome sucks, but Mac is not much better. Go with Windows! Microsoft is obviously the best to go with. Mac wastes too much time making overpriced phones and iPads each year which are never an improvement of the last version. Microsoft focuses on their hardware quality. They make the best computers and make the best gaming consoles (Xbox 360). The obvious choice is Windows! - codninjasword40

Change passwords once in a while

Mac sucks, use Windows, he says. Mac sucks too but Windows isn't any better either, she says. Get Linux instead, I say. - Ohno


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25 Don't Use Facebook

All my friends are on Facebook and I'm not because firstly, I'm under the age, it's not safe or cool or anything (people think it is) and also, people can meet up with strangers and all that and I'm not sure but I think other people can see others' messages? Doesn't sound safe because they can find out information...

Maybe I should get out of Facebook. People keep saying it isn't safe. Ill just sign out of it. - cosmo

I don't like how I have to give so much info to the website, I only use this site to connect with long distance family however, so I only go on once every 3-5 days - Phillip873

Don't use it that often, despite having an account. - SamKoffsky

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26 Never Go On /b/

Haha, did you actually type "/b/" into the address bar? - airbb

I'm really curious on how many people typed that in their URL bar...

I tried it, Safari told me it was a local file that couldn't be opened. What is it, anyway?

/b/ isn't a file. It's a section on 4chan where people can post whatever they damn well please. Some of the most vile and disgusting things on the Internet can be found there.

I have no idea what that even is...but now I'm glad I know not to go there! - lovefrombadlands

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27 Never Click on "Scan Your PC/Computer"

" Many People think that ads like : SCAN YOUR SYSTEM to Boost Speed Were Optimize System But Actually They want to access your computer.

Oh yikes, I remember falling into this trap when I was little. Never click these they are always fake, and only wish to have access to your hard drive. - RaineSage

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28 Get Web of Trust (WOT)

Mywot. Com
WOT is a completely safe tool that isn't intended to break your computer, but to prevent something from doing that. You can get it for IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It keeps you safe from websites with bad intentions, and also has a parental control mode. It even comes with a color blind version if you can't see green, yellow, or red!

You should really get it. The only website it doesn't detect that you should avoid is Conduit. After all, nobody is perfect, but this gets pretty close to just that.

When you see a warning message on a site it means its full of viruses.

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29 Never Give Out Any Personal Information

This is the important way to keep yourself safe online. Whatever you consider to be personal, like your real name and home address, must be kept private so no one will find you.

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31 Don't Click Adverts

I once saw an advert, it said how many triangles are there? 80 something get this wrong. I counted them, but the only two answers were 9 and 10 but neither of those were right. Always check before clicking. - FennikenFan9

When I see those I leave the site

The worse is when the ones who manage a site, try to force the removal of adblock or other similar stuffs.
"disable your adblock, we need to pay our bills" or other "excuses", or even force to pay for removing them, even if the site is supposed to be free.

the prime exemples of site that force the removal of adblock, and don't allow you to visit the site, are without surprise, AniRP or

first, they fool by saying "sign up, it's free", but nope, if you have your adblock, they hate it, to the point that you can't visit the sites without the notice "how to disable adblock"..

never seen so-called "free sites" that fool people by forcing them to accept their intrusive ads, even if you don't click on it.

i'm sorry, but if many of us use an extension or logiciel, this is not for nothing, ads are more annoying and intrusive, they appear even when they are not needed.

32 Do Not Download Anything

Just make sure you're not downloading an application if you're trying to get music or something. Know what format the file you're downloading should be in and an approximate size.

This is a bad tip: Since, you will want to download something (and probably you will) make sure to installing on the original/official site of this application

Oh come on! I love downloading games and anything! I only downloading is Health and Safety things, parents made them to make their ONLY Kids safe. DO NOT TRUST HEALTH AND SAFETY APPS. APPS ARE BORING. - SwampertBABY

There was a thing on a fake website where I had to download But I could just play it on the normal website. - lovefrombadlands

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33 Don't trust "Tips to speed up your life" ads

I see lots of these. Some in this website! Things like "WARNING: DO NOT WATCH IN PUBLIC" with the thumbnail of an attractive girl. You think we think it's porn or something? Well, I researched if the website it advertised was a scam, it was. Just don't click any of them. "MILLIONAIRES WANT THIS VIDEO DELETED FROM THE INTERNET" Yes they do. Want to know why? No, not because it works and you become a millionaire by using it. Because it's a downright scam, and I don't know how these ads can stay on the Internet.

When you enter a website, such as WhatCulture, you get A LOT of ads. Though sometimes these ads CAN be trustworthy, do not click on them. If you really want to go on them, exit your browser and shut down all of your tabs, leave, get antivirus, then enter them by typing into the browser, not entering the same site and clicking on the ad.

Hey! I found an ad in this website! - SwampertBABY

34 Don't Make Your Password Simple

Easy to remember, but hard to guess. - IcetailofWishClan

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35 Stop Using Internet Explorer 10 and Older
36 Stop Using Old Versions of Windows

Do not use Windows Vista or older versions of Windows if you are going to use the computer for web surfing. Those versions are very vulnerable to viruses.

Windows 7 Is gay.

37 Be Aware That Anything You Post Online May Not Be Deleted

AKA the dan and Phil valentines day video. Some jerk on tumblr won't take it down!

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38 Use TOR and disable Java on TOR

This is good for maintaining privacy, but there's a lot more to disable than Java if your goal is to be safe, ESPECIALLY on the onion-web. See the TOR FAQ, at the tor project website if you're interested. It's a must that you understand what you're doing. - airbb

It would be a way to "How to get scammed on the internet" rather then this topic

39 Disable As Much As Possible

That isn't true. Don't disable your life, security, air, etc.

When you browse the web you're looking for information or media content. Use addons and browser settings to block all content that isn't the content you want. That includes ads (adblock), scripts (noscript), plugins like flash or Java (just disable them through the browser except when you need them), and calls to 3rd party sites (firewall programs, I think noscript does this too). This can get annoying, but only until you get a good flow going, and the safety is worth it! - airbb

40 Don't Send Pictures Of Yourself

Remember, nothing is ever completely taken off of the Internet even if you press delete. Everyone has a digital foot print inside their devices, which anyone, including law enforcement, can trace.

I think should avoid sending pics of yourself until you're a teen. And I don't think people should post pics of when they were babies or toddlers - StayAlive

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