Tips On Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

You never know. Some people say it wont happen, but how do they know? It could happen in 1000 years, it could happen tomorrow.

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1 Stay In A Group
2 Have A Short Range Weapon On You At All Times

A knife is the best weapon. Bows are better than guns as they don’t make noise but you’ll need to find arrows and ammo. An axe is good too.

3 Blend In
4 When Finding A Hideout, Try To Get As High As Possible.
5 Isolate Yourself

Bad idea. You are more formidable in numbers. - PositronWildhawk

6 Live in the Middle of Nowhere
7 Get A Gym Membership.
8 Own a Collection of Soup Cans
9 Don’t Make Lots of Noise

You might attract a herd of zombies

10 Have a Bunker

The Newcomers

? Kill Anyone Bitten

If anyone in your group, either kill them or cut off their arm or leg

? Get a Vehicle

A bus is good as you can store food

The Contenders

11 Stock Up on Food and Water

It’s pretty obvious

12 Get a Gas Mask
13 Don't Get Bitten

That's the primary objective. - glambert

14 Take Your Friends with You
15 Know How to Use a Gun
16 Find Shelter

Some place that zombies can’t get to and you can call home

17 Try to Find a Low Key Grocery Store With at Least Two Exits
18 Know Martial Arts
19 Put Out Traps

Can kill zombies and food such as rabbits

20 Start a Fire

Can cook food and keep you warm but watch out for people who see it and might raid you

21 Build a Fort
22 Find a Group

More chance of catching food, more protection and company

23 Don't Be a Hero.

Don't be the guy that's like "I'll be right back! " - Jetticus12

24 Be a Skilled Thief
25 Use Your Surroundings

Use a rock as a temporary weapon

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